Ascension Sacraments for the Cosmic and Earthly Nutrition Diet

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Ascension Sacraments
for the 
Cosmic and Earthly Nutrition Diet


ASCEND Overview

Let’s take a moment and see where we have been and where we are going with the Ascension Sacraments for Cosmic and Earthly Nutrition Diet. The first four lessons of the ASCEND program are organized to provide you with knowledge and activities that will eliminate toxins from your body and immediate environment. As you begin cleansing your blood, organs, and tissues, you feel lighter, healthier, more energetic, and you may notice more synchronicity, abundance, ease, and flow appearing in your life.
By taking the ASCEND program step by step and implementing the suggested practices in each lesson before moving on to the next, you are creating a new foundation for your health based upon sound naturopathic protocols.
In order to achieve the higher life vibrations needed for ascension, we must free ourselves from the shackles that keep us imprisoned in our lower chakras and eliminate poisons that damage the pineal and pituitary glands. Ahriman works to bind us to the dense material world so that we cannot reach the crown chakra with the “fires” needed to activate the etherization of the blood and the “tongues of flame” as described in  A Modern Path of Initiation.
ASCEND is a health protocol that is designed to help you free yourself of ahrimanic influences in the lower chakras and enhance your life vibration in the upper chakras so that you can experience a life of better health and spiritual nourishment.
In  Octave 1.1 and 1.2, you learned that drinking better, cleaner water, free of fluorides and other toxins, is the first step in activating your lower chakras. You learned how the environment and commercial agriculture can fill your body with toxins, from heavy metals that are found in chemtrails and vaccines to intestine-destroying glyphosates found in crops. As you learned about the dangers of irradiation, microwaving, and GMOs, you also learned of ways to avoid a toxic environment.
In Octave 1.3 , you started cleansing your body of substances that create physical and soul dissonance, illness, and disease. In the Hara Chakra lesson, you learned about bowel and intestinal health and the importance of dietary enzymes in breaking down food. This lesson was packed with important foundation material that is critical in harmonizing your lower chakras and increasing your life vibration.
In Octave 1.4, we introduced the sacrament of liver flushes, a process that can greatly reduce unpleasant symptoms in your lower chakra by releasing years of stored toxins from your liver. Unless you have medical issues that would prevent you from doing liver flushes (please see our medical disclaimer below), it is highly recommended that you do as many as needed to cleanse your ultimate filtration system–the liver.
Now we move to a first round of cleansing and activating the higher chakras. Before you move to the Heart Chakra sacraments, please make sure to review and implement the lessons and sacraments that you have learned so far.
We organize materials in “Octaves.” The first octave, which is eight lessons, takes you from the foundation to the crown chakra. Once you have increased your life vibration by implementing the sacraments of the first octave, we move to the second round of cleansing, which is Octave Two. Each Octave will show you how to increase the vibration of the chakra. For the sacraments to work effectively, you need to start at Octave 1.1 and work through each step before moving to the next.
Of course all of this is based upon your own free will and initiative. There are no gurus or masters to hold your hand. Go as far as you want and stop anytime you feel that you have achieved your health and spiritual goals.  

Octave 1.5 Heart Chakra


The Heart Chakra is the seat of spiritual consciousness and the platform for higher human development. Only when the lower chakras have been properly understood and managed can the Heart Chakra become the launching pad to spiritual ascension. The heart is the seat of the “mind” according to most spiritual traditions.  Westerners think that their mind is in their head and this is a great source of misunderstanding.
The heart is the central organ that aligns with the vibrations of the cosmos through resonance around the 7.83 hertz frequency. This key note of the cosmos can be attained when the unresolved lower vibrations of the four lower chakras are raised to the higher frequencies of consciousness that are not bound by material substance – solid, liquid, air and fire. These elemental substances are used as further fuel to raise each substance to a higher condition as they rise up through the Heart Chakra into the upper three chakras.
The fire of proper digestion in the Solar Plexus Chakra can be fanned by the Hara Chakra to melt the “frost” in the three central channels that rise from the Foundation to the Crown Chakra. As these fiery forces are rising up to the Heart Chakra, they bring carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen to the heart where they are transformed into ionized particles that rise further through the Throat, Brow, and Crown Chakras. These ionized particles are transformed into crystals of calcium carbonate and deposited in the pineal gland as part of the processes of ascension. It is from the heart that a stream of ionized energy begins to run up the central channels through the upper three chakras. 
The heart is the center of a new type of fire, one that burns the materialistic sense impressions of the temporal world into a refined crystalline form that attunes to the eternal frequencies found in the spiritual world. The heart takes normal heat and adds different salts to it that turn the flame into a plasma. Plasma is a new type of flame that burns the salts into a brightness that can illuminate the organs. This transformation of heat from the lower chakras into a flame that can then be transformed into a plasma is the basis of the cosmic and earthly nutrition stream. It is warmth that turns into fire and then a plasma.
The Heart Chakra is where the progressive aspirant begins the spiritual path after “taming” the lower chakras and bringing them into alignment. Through an alchemical process of transforming the four basic elements into higher, more refined and ionized elements the aspirant climbs the rungs of the ladder that leads to spiritual development.


Learn how silver water is a natural antibiotic that has been used for centuries to combat bacteria and infectious diseases; learn how to make your own silver water; discover the hundreds of uses for your family’s health.
Silver has been used as a preservative and medicine since ancient Greece where silver vessels were used to purify water and prevent dysentery. American pioneers trekking across the country put silver dollars or silverware in their milk and water containers to prevent spoilage. For centuries people have eaten food from silver platters, silverware, and silver tipped goblets and glasses for their health, a practice which has lost the origins of its meaning, but is still effective in killing food pathogens and providing the body with micro particles of beneficial silver.
Governments around the world have fought hard to keep consumers from knowing how beneficial structured or colloidal silver is because it is far more effective than broad spectrum antibiotics. This is important knowledge you need to know as antibiotics are losing their effectiveness in killing super bugs. 
There is much to learn about silver water and our hope is that this lesson will guide you step by step so that you will see how amazing silver water is and how you can easily make and integrate into your daily health regimen.
Let’s get started:


Learn about Silver Water

Steve Barwick has an excellent site that is packed with information on the history, uses, and videos on silver water. We couldn’t add much more in this lesson that isn’t on Steve’s site. Explore SILVER EDGE with confidence, knowing that we use this as a resource frequently. Steve has hundreds of articles that show you how to use silver water for all kinds of uses from colds and flus to MERSA to pet care…..his list of uses is extensive.
Another great resource is Dr. Gordon Pedersen’s book   A New Fighting Chance Silver Solution. He also has a small pamphlet The Silver Solution to Women’s Health. In the video below, Dr. Pedersen explains how silver water works in the body to destroy pathogens, safety, and many uses.

Why Silver is the Most Hidden Resource in Medicine



Where to Get Your Silver Water


Most any health food store stocks silver water, but it can be a bit pricey, especially if you want to use it lavishly in your household. We like to have plenty of silver water on hand so everyone can take a swallow daily, plus plenty for spraying counter tops and hands, vegetables, fruits, and drinks for longer life in the refrigerator…so many great uses.
Although we have not used his device (pictured), Steve Barwick sells a unit that makes home-made silver water.
Dr. Pedersen is associated with a company called Thank You Silver which makes structured silver water and a very useful gel for occasions when you want the product to “stay in place.”
We are not compensated by these companies for promotion of their books, websites, or products; these are resources that we have vetted to be worth your time and attention. 


Put a Silver Spoon in Your Mouth

Babies are often given a gift of a silver cup and spoon upon their birth. Pictured is Tyla’s very worn cup given to her at birth by Aunt Bessie who was a high level Rosicrucian and most certainly knew that drinking out of a silver cup and eating from a silver spoon had medicinal purposes.
Long before Tyla discovered the benefits of silver water, she always drank her tea and water from silver lined glasses or used her grandmother’s old silverware at mealtimes. No one in the family was ever sick as long as silver was put in their mouths daily.
Only years later did she realize that it was the daily lips on silver that probably kept her and the family so healthy. Now the Gabriels make and use silver water generously, with an extra gallon of it going to college each fall with their children.
For those that would like to make their own silver water at home, here is a simple recipe:



Enjoy super health once you clear the body of toxins and feed each cell with proper nutrition. Learn how cells function and how essential fatty acids create healthy cell membranes.
Cells are the building blocks of your tissues, organs, blood, and bones. The human body contains trillions of cells, specialized to function in your body in a myriad of ways, from building neurological pathways from your fingers to your brain to creating red blood cells deep within your bone marrow.
By eating good, whole, chemical- toxin- and GMO-free foods, drinking clean water, and supplementing your diet with metals and minerals found in Himalayan sea salt, you feed your cells with the nutrition they require to build healthy and repair damaged tissue.
By eliminating toxins in your body as described in the ASCEND lessons Octave 1.1 – 1.4, you reduce the work white bloods cells have to do when they must clean your toxic blood and tissue.
By supplementing your diet with a splash of silver water each day, you give your white blood cells a “helping hand” in destroying pathogens in your organs and tissues.
Once the white blood cells are relieved of their job as being your personal “garbage collector” in the body, they can be used for a higher purpose–YOUR ASCENSION. This is why we want to:
1)  Clean up toxins in the body and eliminate toxic surroundings;
2)  Make sure that digestion is working efficiently every day;
3)  Nourish the body with nutritious foods, essential metals and minerals, and good water;
4)  Supplement the pathogen cleaning activities in the body with daily silver water;
5)  Make sure that cell membranes, the building blocks of all bodily systems, are healthy, permeable, and beautiful.

Essential Fatty Acids Build

Healthy Cell Membranes


Essential fatty acids are needed to create healthy cell membranes which protect the DNA in each cell. The healthier your cell, the healthier your tissues and organs, the healthier is the human body.

The three common fatty acids (EFAs) are Omega 3, 6, and 9.
Omega 6
Most of us get plenty of Omega 6s in our diets. These are oils derived from plant seeds such as safflower, vegetable oil, nuts, primrose, borage, linseed, and flaxseed, Most people will not need to supplement their diets with Omega 6s. In fact, many Omega 6s are harmful to you and cause undesirable inflammation in the organs and tissues, leading to poor health.
Eliminate unhealthy Omega 6s from your diet: Look at your consumption of fried and processed foods, vegetable oils derived from GMO seeds, hydrogenated oils. Remove these from your diet.
This includes rapeseed and canola oil, corn, and soy oil. Get them out of your pantry and do not eat processed or prepared foods that have these as ingredients.

The best way to supplement with Omega 6s is by eating nuts and seeds. Eating 3-6 organic, brazil nuts a day is a great way to get your Omega 6s and to provide you with a source of natural selenium.

                                              We order ours fro m which carries excellent
                                              organic nuts.
Omega 9
Omega 9s are made by a healthy body and supplementation is rarely needed. Additionally, Omega 9s are found in olive oil which is easy to incorporate in your diet if you haven’t done so already.
Omega 3
Omega 3s are anti-inflammatory fatty acids and counter balance the inflammatory effect that an overabundance of Omega 6s can have on cell membranes.
Omega 3s are found in sea-based sources, such as salmon, cold water fish, and krill. Because of the mercury levels in the ocean, avoid taking generic fish oil supplements as they typically come from large fish which have been ingesting mercury for a long time.
We recommend the oils from smaller fish–like krill. Or a family favorite in our household for over 20 years is Vital Choice Wild Alaskan Omega-3 Salmon Oil which is tested for hazardous levels of contaminants. Recommended daily intake to keep your cell membranes healthy and vibrant is one gram (3 capsules) a day–or one with each meal.


Activate White Blood Cells to

Become Ascension Cells


What does it mean to ascend?
How do white blood cellsaid in the process of theetherization of the blood?
What is the cosmic andearthly nutrition stream?

Reference Materials

Medical Disclaimer
Please click HERE to review our medical disclaimer.

Time to assess your progress? CLICK HERE for the symptomology chart so that you can be conscious of your progress through every chakra and octave attunement.  

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