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Written by Ishana

To My Dear Precious Wife & Soul Mate,

Truly, there is no greater gift that a human being can receive than a spouse who truly loves them.

What greater blessing is there than a husband or wife who commits his or her entire life, and whole being, toward the upliftment of their spouse?

Whenever a person has married a soul mate whose sole purpose in life is their happiness … and well-being … and spiritual advancement, they are fortunate beyond imagination.

When such an individual has dedicated all of their labors for the explicit welfare of their significant other, can their be a greater good fortune?

A husband or wife who wakes up every day and thinks only of the betterment of their spouse is the most magnificent blessing indeed.

Verily, a man or woman who has found in their marriage true love and joy, selfless service and self-sacrifice, has found it all.

A person who celebrates the strengths and accepts the weaknesses of their mate is surely a great being. When they quietly reinforce their virtues and gently correct their vices, they are even greater.

For anyone who has ever felt the unconditional love from their spouse or significant other, they are fortunate as few ever are. Such a high and noble relationship is beyond compare.

For those very lucky souls who have entered a lifelong relationship with a soul mate who is really there for them — 24/7 — can there be a greater blessing on Earth?

Surely, to have such a wife or husband who is really present “in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health” is the result of truly auspicious karma. Is there a more fortunate destiny anywhere in Creation?

Likewise, when one’s spouse is ever-faithful “for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer”, how can such a boon be described?

Very few and far between are those exceedingly fortunate people who bask in the light and warmth and love of a sincerely devoted spouse.

Yes, life can bring us many awesome rewards, but none is so valuable as a husband or wife who really loves us, really cares for us in every way.

Just as Radha’s deep devotion to her beloved Krishna, there are those fortuitous ones among us who experience the same unalloyed affection.

As the Goddess Parvati was dedicated to her Lord Shiva, so, too are those rare enlightened mortals who also know of such true and everlasting love.

For this is the greatest gift that a human being can ever, EVER receive. And how I know this to be true is because my wife is such a living Radha, as she is my ever-present Shakti.

Thank you, my Beloved, for the divine love that has poured through you, to me — throughout this lifetime.

There are no words which can come close to expressing my LOVE for you. Not even the Taj Mahal will do.

Dearest Beloved, Dear HEART,
My Deepest Love to You,
Always and Forever!
Honey Bear


Eternally Your Husband and Your Closest Friend,
Your Sadhana Partner and Fellow Devotee of the Lord

P.S. It’s entirely true that there are other great gifts which God Almighty can bestow upon his loved ones. Human birth, the longing for liberation and a genuine spiritual master are the greatest of those other greatest of gifts. But a loving and devoted, loyal and dedicated soulmate is right up there with the best!