Here’s how they are stealthily doing the 5G roll-out—WITHOUT INFORMED CONSENT!

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5G: A Report from the Field

Submitted by SS from NYC

During 2018 I started hearing about the incoming latest speed for the new technology called 5G, now set to replace 3G and 4G. Curiosity prompted me to look into this and it became clear that 5G is not just one more than 4G; it is a whole different thing including a microwave component.

Microwave was developed for military use and can ‘cook’ a human, including the brain and all organ systems and tissues. And there is more – it’s carcinogenic, a neurotoxin and genotoxic.

When I got a 6.30 PM. phone message from my internet service provider, the first week of March at my apartment in NY, with the statement that my appointment for the next morning at 11AM for an installation is confirmed, I was quite surprised.  I had not made any appointment.  I called them back to inquire and was assured by a friendly sounding woman’s voice that the installation of a new modem will give me much better speed and reliability for my Internet service.

“Faster and better” she repeated. I asked what this was exactly and again I heard
“ faster and better”.

I asked her why the phone message had said it would take 3 hours for this installation and she brushed this off without an answer.  I explained to her that I do not need or want this ‘upgrade’.

I had heard that 11 cities are scheduled this year for the 5G roll-out. My guess is that this is happening here now, so I suppose that all the other people in my area must be getting these stealth phone calls.

I see in some descriptions of 5G that they use the word ‘deployed’, which is a military term.

Of course, if the citizens understood the adverse health effects and serious medical consequences of 5G they would not agree!

But most people do not have the time to look into 5G, so they are not in the position to provide informed consent.

This is a critical if not defining moment concerning our future.  I hope people will take this matter seriously, get informed, make decisions based on accurate information and help to
claim our “Natural Rights’ to a healthy environment.