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We are the face of a non-profit foundation dedicated to Radiant Living.

The foundation is dedicated to disseminating wisdom, knowledge, information, data and any facts/figures which contribute to the health and wellness of the global community.

We all live on the same planet and share the same health challenges and wellness issues.  Therefore, why not share the wisdom that’s been refined in this crucible of earthly existence, which many of us have accumulated through eons of lifetimes.

A Radiant Life can only be achieved by living radiantly, which can only be performed after one possesses the right knowledge to do so.  Much of this special and gifted knowledge is what we seek to offer and disseminate across the planet for those who seek a better life, a fuller existence.

When your health is strong and robust, you are able to accomplish what you came here to do.  The highest goal of human life is to know yourself … to attain Self-realization. But to succeed at this formidable undertaking requires a healthy and resilient body, if you are to walk your chosen spiritual path with perseverance, enthusiasm and success.

The mission of Radiant-Living.net is to give you the tools and techniques which will enable you to take this journey with ease, grace and joy.  You’ll only walk it once, so you might as well feel GREAT while you proceed to your long awaited destination.

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