Every Yogi Needs to Read This Before They Vote

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An Open Letter to American Truth Seekers
and Spiritual Aspirants

Dear Truth Seekers and Spiritual Aspirants,

We are all living through the final phase of the Kali Yuga.

More specifically, the current race of humanity finds itself mired in the twilight of the Kali Yuga.

The twilight actually began on October 2, of 1982 and is known to be the darkest and densest period of all the dawns and twilights associated with all four major yugas.

The twilight of the Kali Yuga is the time period often referred to by the phrase: “It’s always darkest before the dawn.”

In this particular case, the dawn refers to the period that precedes the coming Satya Yuga also known as the long prophesied Golden Age.

For the uninitiated, the Kali Yuga is always distinguished by the predominance of falsehood. It is a time when falsehood holds sway over the masses. Falsehood will even appear to be stronger than truth in the conduct of the affairs of men during this unenlightened era.

Addicted to Deception

Because of this stark reality, many good folks have literally become addicted to deception.

Their addiction is so strong that they willfully refuse to even consider the truth when presented to them.

This pervasive addiction to deception has created a large block of voters in the USA who are dangerously ignorant of the facts and the truth.

Quite shockingly, these voters are zealous about voting for candidates who are guaranteed to not act in their best interests. Or, in the best interest of the country.

However, there is a much greater concern about this rapidly deteriorating predicament.

Jaws of Karma

When anyone votes for a candidate who has been a public figure for a long time, they are undeniably supporting their well-known platform.

By their words and actions, that politician has implemented their various agendas for all to witness. Likewise, the results, both good and bad can plainly be seen.

For example, if a candidate supports an agenda of warmongering and infanticide, the voter who supports their platform becomes directly and/or indirectly responsible for the ensuing death and destruction.

The key point here is that: NO ONE EVER ESCAPES THE JAWS OF KARMA.

Hence, the $64,000 question is: “Why would anyone want to take on such negative karma by voting for such a corrupt politician or criminal candidate?”

If you know a candidate is a malevolent or traitorous or nefarious or untrustworthy or unscrupulous or perfidious public official in advance of casting your ballot, why would you ever vote for them?

According to the laws of karma, the more you have been informed of the truth about that individual, the more you are complicit in the death and destruction that they might wreak across the planet.

Isn’t that a sobering thought?

Why would any truth seeker or spiritual aspirant ever want to take on more negative karma? Aren’t we highly encouraged by our preceptor to avoid creating bad karma*?!

*Ignorance of the ever-applicable universal laws of karma is no excuse for violating them.  Each and every of us receives our just desserts at the end of the cosmic cycle of 4 yugas.


Some spiritual aspirants will not like what they are about to read, but the truth must be written and disseminated at this critical moment in American history.

Presently, there are at least 9 states that permit the practice of infanticide. There are at least 19 states that let abortionists leave babies to die who survive an abortion. WOW!

For those who are unaware, those state governments have unlawfully approved legislation that allows a mother and her physician to collude in the premeditated murder of her newborn child. Those are the facts that cannot be disputed by anyone.

No matter how anyone looks at this repugnant state of affairs, the intentional killing of a newborn can only be called infanticide.

To deliberately kill powerless and defenseless newborns is this manner is truly the bane of the United States of America. Which is why these “Concerned Citizens of the USA” wrote this widely circulated open letter to the POTUS.

For the uninformed, only the Democrat-controlled state governments have passed this type of odious legislation to date. Incidentally, has anyone made the connection between New York State’s disgraceful celebration of their infanticide law by lighting up One World Trade Center pink and the catastrophic coronavirus outbreaks across the greater NYC area?

Through decades of quite purposeful social engineering, many seekers have been persuaded to believe that late-term abortion is a ‘good thing’. And, that the mother’s choice to kill her unborn baby is much more important than the newborn’s right to life.

How, pray tell, does the immoral choice to have an abortion at 9 months ever outweigh the sacred right to life and protection of the newborn infant?!?!

Do you see how the social engineers stealthily manipulated this explosive wedge issue so as to capture many good folks who now really believe it’s their God-given right — under the illicit law — to kill the innocent newborn?

Self Interest

There are specific reasons why a voter will give their consent to such a reprehensible candidate and dangerous politician.

It is usually because that aspiring leader represents something that strongly attracts the voter. For example, the politician promises to advance such depraved practices as 9-month term abortion, transgendering of young children, defunding the police and other social evils.

Almost always, these political leaders are the same ones prosecuting unprovoked wars of naked aggression around the world. They’re also the global perpetrators of OPERATION COVID-19. Can there be worse karma than that?

The moral of the story here is that every truth seeker and spiritual aspirant had better look deep into their soul before Election Day.

If you vote out of self interest alone, you will surely reap the consequences of what promises to be extremely difficult karma.


The American form of government was established by the Founding Fathers as both a constitutional republic and representative democracy.

The representative democracy requires that each and every voter provide their explicit consent to those who are selected to administer the government.

It is only through that solemn power of consent that the United States Federal Government can legitimately govern We the People.

Therefore, it has never been so important for people of good conscience to offer their consent to only that which is good, which is just, which is righteous, which is fair, and which is dharmic.

Surely, every truth seeker and spiritual aspirant understands the sheer necessity to uphold dharma during these highly precarious times.

Hence, it behooves yogis and meditators, devotees of the Lord and disciples of the Guru everywhere to play their vital roles with dharmic excellence.

And, to do their level best to maintain the very foundation of human society and pillars of the entire planetary civilization—DHARMA.

Lastly, Dear One, always remember, that Dharma protects those who protect Dharma. Conversely, Dharma destroys those who destroy dharma.

Very sincerely,

A Fellow Truth Seeker

P.S. For any truth seeker in need of further confirmation about what’s truly at stake during this highly consequential election cycle, the following validated exposé says it all: Read this insider’s stunning testimony to correctly understand Joe Biden’s foreign policy objectives!