Great Wisdom for the Covid Era & What Humanity Must Do To Survive

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Posted by Radiant Living

A living Tibetan Meditation Master recently wrote:

“At other times and in other civilizations, this path of spiritual transformation was confined to a relatively select number of people; now, however, a large proportion of the human race must seek the spiritual path if the world is to be preserved from the internal and external dangers that threaten it. In this time of violence and disintegration, the awakening to the Truth through spiritual vision is not an elitist luxury but vital to our survival.

To follow the path of Wisdom has never been more urgent or more difficult. Our society is dedicated almost entirely to the celebration of the ego, with all its sad fantasies about success and power, and it celebrates those very forces of greed and ignorance that are destroying the planet and the human race as a species.

It has never been more difficult to hear the unflattering voice of the truth, and never more difficult, once having heard it, to follow it.  Because there is nothing in the world around us that supports our inherent free will, our God given Freedom to choose what is right and true for each one of us, and the entire society in which we live seems to negate every idea of sacredness or eternal meaning.

So at the time of our most acute danger, when our very future is in doubt, we as human beings find ourselves at our most bewildered, and trapped in a nightmare of fear born out of our very own creation.”

RL Editor’s Note: The only way out of this Covid era, which is permeated with fear and trepidation, apprehension and anxiety, worry and panic, is to walk through it.  Only by facing our fears, so that we can see them for what they really are, can we conquer them.  For each and every fear is nothing but an illusion.  Just as an agitated and unclear mind creates these illusions, a clear and steady mind can dispel them.  Hence, humanity is being given a truly divine opportunity to throw off the yoke of Covid fear forever.  Once that baseless fear is gone, many others will quickly follow.  Never forget, the truth shall set you free.  So find it; read it; view it; contemplate it, meditate on it.  By no means ignore it!  As many of our fellow human beings have chosen to do at their own peril.  It’s up to us — the truth seekers — to lead those fearful ones to the truth however we can, so they can break the yoke of falsehood and illusion forever.