IN MEMORIAM: To Our Dear Aunt Katherine

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KATHERINE DRAKE of Pensacola: What a beautiful soul and wonderful person!

How many times have we all said: “There’s no one like our Aunt Katherine!”

That’s because there was no one else who so captured our hearts with her benevolent mien and generosity of spirit.

Whenever her many ‘chilluns’ were in any kind of need, Katherine was right there with a helping hand. She truly lived a life of lovingkindness as few could ever imagine.

The sheer depth and breadth of Katherine’s gentle magnanimity towards her countless school children over the span of her teaching career has become the stuff of legend throughout the greater Pensacola area.

How many times did those unusually grateful students rave about her later in their lives after sharing their very fond classroom memories with her upon their chance meetings in restaurants and the like?!

Katherine’s closest friends and family always knew that Aunt Kat lived a very simple life. It was as though her austere existence was a calculated plan so that she would always have more to give to the needy and wanting. And give she did, right up to the very end of her life.

Perhaps Katherine’s greatest gift was her uncanny ability to tell a story—a really entertaining story about almost anything. Surely, this is why all of her students were so captivated by her delightful teaching style.

Of course, Katherine’s family always deferred to her story-telling during all the holiday get togethers. Not only did she remember all the humorous details of growing up in the Deep South, she could spin a yarn so that every telling of the same ole stories seemed like they were brand new ones. WOW!

Then there was Katherine’s sweet little home on the Bayou Grande. Everyone knew that living right near the water’s edge of that peaceful glimmering bayou was the highlight of her days.

Lastly, Katherine Drake exemplified the revered traditions associated with the love of God, Family and Country. For instance, she dutifully took on the role of family matriarch at a young age selflessly caring for her nieces with extraordinary devotion and tenderness.

Truly, “There’s no one like our Aunt Katherine!”  Never will be again. For hers was a graciousness and goodwill rarely seen in the world today.

We’ll forever miss you, Aunt Kat! You have valorously earned our eternal gratitude.

Oceans of Love—Always!

Forever Your Chilluns