A Special Prayer Intention for Those Affected by Hurricane Irma

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Hurricane Irma has proven to be a very powerful and dangerous storm.  Clearly, this is not your typical hurricane season in view of Superstorm Harvey drenching of East Texas.

Now that this second Surperstorm — IRMA — has approached the state of Florida, the likelihood for catastrophic damage has increased significantly.  The population density along the projected path is quite high.  Hence, there are countless homes and businesses which will be affected.

With this knowledge, all devotees of the Lord are called upon to offer special prayers for all the good souls who are in harm’s way.  IRMA has already demonstrated that she can inflict great injury to both person and property.  Some of the islands have been devastated like never before.

When the rains are falling unrelentingly and in high volume, Lord Indra is properly propitiated. When the winds are blowing with fury and ferocity , Lord Vayu, or his son, Lord Hanuman are supplicated.

Because the worship of Lord Hanuman crosses many different spiritual traditions, it’s entirely fitting that many will beseech Him in this time of duress.  Therefore, this particular “call to prayer” invokes Lord Hanuman, the greatest devotee of Lord Rama.  As the son of the wind-god, Lord Hanuman will surely hear our prayers and mantras and respond to our urgent plea for help.

Singing and listening to the following Hanuman bhajan is perhaps the single best way to honor and show our reverence to the monkey deity.  This compelling verse and song — the Hanuman Chalisa — is a very special way to bring to bear the power and valor of the mighty Hanuman.

“Hanuman Chalisa” By Hari Om Sharan

What follows is a photo-documentary of Hanuman as he appears throughout the land of India. Gazing at his sublime form is an excellent way to invoke his grace and blessings.

PHOTOS: Worshipping Lord Hanuman

Of course, the best assistance that we in Florida can receive at this critical time is the immediate mitigation of the destructive effects of Hurricane Irma.  An effective approach, then, would be to offer special mantras to Lord Hanuman.  The following video provides a continual recitation of the Hanuman mantra: Om Shri Hanumate Namah.


Another great way to propitiate our gracious Lord Hanuman is to chant mantras like the following:

Lord Hanuman Chanting: Om Sri Anjaneyaya Namaha

We the People offer our prayers and petitions to Lord Hanuman, Lord Rama’s courageous disciple.  Please Shri Lord Hanuman hear US in our hour of need.  May the dire circumstances that some of US find ourselves in be alleviated through your divine intercession.

With great respect and much love,

Forever you devotees