WORLD CENTRAL KITCHEN: A World-Class Disaster Relief Operation Helping The Bahamas Recover

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Donations to World Central Kitchen Go to Feeding the People of The Bahamas TODAY Who Are in Desperate Need

Radiant Living

Radiant Living, along with other Alt Media platforms in our network, have collaborated to find the most trustworthy and effective disaster relief organizations in the Western Hemisphere.

In World Central Kitchen we have found the best food-serving operation provided to disaster areas anywhere. Today the hurricane-ravaged Bahamas have been the site of a number of their life-saving initiatives. See: First meals served to families in the Northern Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian

Please click on the following link to read the “Mission Statement” of World Central Kitchen. ( The founder of World Central Kitchen, José Andrés, expresses in his own words his extraordinary commitment and deep experience in dealing with impossible situations like the northern Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian.

Hurricane Dorian is the worst Atlantic storm in recorded history to ever hit land, and we are barely beginning to get a glimpse of the devastation it left behind. Abaco and Grand Bahama, two islands in the Northern Bahamas.

People, please understand that what just occurred on the islands of Grand Bahama and Great Abaco has never happened before. Some long-time meteorologists have referred to the damage left by Dorian as that of a “hurricane tornado”. Photos of the pervasive devastation such as the preceding one reveal a type of profound destruction that these islands are completely incapable of dealing with. Hence, they urgently need our material help and financial assistance.

This is where World Central Kitchen comes in.

The following map of the aforementioned islands shows the various locations where remote food kitchens are already set up by World Central Kitchen and serving direly needed hot food to the locals.

How José Andrés of World Central Kitchen was even able to set up these mobile kitchens so quickly is a testament to his magical resourcefulness and versatility—WOW ! Some folks were being fed and comforted before the storm even completely left the area.

Donations needed—and fast!

For anyone looking to donate to the great Bahamian people, look no further than this highly successful relief effort. Here’s José Andrés’ Twitter page for those who want to follow World Central Kitchen’s great work in the Bahamas.

For anyone wanting more information on the depth and breadth of this philanthropic relief organization, please go to their website HERE. There LOTs of good information there that shows these people are for real. For the large donor, you will receive the necessary confidence to make your much-needed contributions.

Now here’s another excellent link that will instill the strong faith in José Andrés and his outstanding World Central Kitchen relief effort.

Radiant Living strongly recommends to all of our followers that they consider contributing to such an impressive disaster relief organization. World Central Kitchen remains at the very top of our donation list. Quite frankly, there’s not even a close second.

In any event, the affected Bahamians truly need our assistance … and as soon as we all can offer our generous aid.

Thank you!

Your Friends at Radiant Living


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