I AM — A Poem

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by Douglas Preston | The KRACKEN PROJECT

In the beginning was the number zero.

Existence began in zero and out of zero came darkness, and from darkness came the light.

Number combined with number, set with set, even as the white light added and divided, separating into colors.

And now sound came, a sound like singing, rising and falling in a lost cadence, combining into rich harmonies.

From there arose a symphony of number, color, and sound, merging and dividing, swelling and fading, an eternal golden braid.

And from this shimmering symphony a single thought began to take form.  This thought came into existence gradually, fading in and out, coalescing and growing clearer.

As this happened the symphony of number, and sound, and light died down, like the surface of a turbulent sea, subsiding into a gentle susurrus of water before vanishing entirely.

Only the disembodied thought remained.  The thought was:

I am