Why are so many people take the highly experimental Covid vaccines?

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These are the primary reasons why people are MISGUIDEDLY getting the Covid vaccines.

The Coronavirus Coach

The following list of reasons are those that this coach has heard the most from his clients and business associates, family and friends, neighbors and other acquaintances who have received any of the Covid vaccines currently being administered around the world. This list is presented pretty much in descending order.

First and foremost is FEAR. There are many irrational and unfounded fears that people fall prey to, especially where it concerns the COVID-19 disease.

Second on the list is UNCONSCIOUSNESS. Being unconscious to something so impactive and consequential is almost always followed by a HUGE teaching moment.

Thirdly is the gross MISCONCEPTION that life will immediately go back to normal. This often occurs with folks who are addicted to deception.

The Fourth reason is that the individual is either COMPELLED or COERCED by a doctor or employer, respectively; or REQUIRED to vaccinate by a healthcare institution.

Fifth is the sheer PRESSURE exerted by loved ones, friends and other trusted people. This includes peer pressure, family pressure, religious pressure and other societal pressures.

Sixth is the overwhelming mainstream multi-media campaign designed to CONVINCE every single American to get vaccinated. Every major organ of mainstream media has been employed in this extremely aggressive drive to vax every citizen and non-citizen.

Seventh concerns those folks who are simply taking the jab in the spirit of going along to get along. It’s often predicated by the strong predisposition to avoid any and all REJECTION.

Eight is the strong desire to please and/or make COMFORTABLE a parent or spouse or child or grandparent or close friend or significant other or other person who would otherwise be in great distress out of their groundless fear and/or apprehension.

Ninth is the false HOPE or unrealistic EXPECTATION that the ‘vaccine’ will protect against what is essentially a constantly morphing and mutating form of COVID-19 .

Ten on this list is simple IGNORANCE of the truth which somehow moves people to make highly misinformed decisions.

Before anyone receives any of the Covid vaccines, they ought to take some time to review this growing list. Everyone is challenged to seriously evaluate exactly WHY they are getting the shot BEFORE THEY RECEIVE AN INJECTION.

Should anyone need coaching, counseling or consultation in this regard, please feel free to email us at: CoronaCoach@protonmail.com. This Covid vaccine decision process is perhaps the most important in a lifetime, yes?!

DISCLAIMER: The content of this post concerning the remediation of SARS-COV-2 and/or Covid vaccine injury is not intended as medical treatment or health advice. Therefore, the reader agrees to hold harmless The Coronavirus Coach should any of the material contained herein be used for self care for either remediating COVID-19 or any type vaccine-induced disease.

The Coronavirus Coach
May 10, 2021

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