A Very Special Dog Indeed! (Photos)

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A Little Kindness and Love Can Indeed Change a Life (Photos)

(N.Morgan) It is an unfortunate and sad fact that not every dog is provided a loving and safe home. This can be due to the dog being born on the streets or being abandoned in early puppyhood because their owners were either unable to provide for them or decided that owning a dog was too big of a responsibility.

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Pooches like these regularly spend the greater part of their lives capriciously meandering the streets, fighting off dangers and ailments and scarcely scrounging enough food scraps to survive.

Kelsey had been one of those dogs, living in the streets homeless and a stray, she was just barely surviving.

When rescuers recently found her on the side of the road, they were shocked: her condition was critical, so much so she hardly even resembled a dog.

The photo above shows when rescuers discovered a homeless pup they later named Kelsey on the side of a busy road, she was barely recognizable. She was thin, malnourished, and covered in sores. Not only that, but she was also desperately searching for something to eat.

As rescuers assessed the dog’s condition, they determined that her body had been completely ravaged by sores and infections. These cuts and bruises had resulted in the most of her fur falling out, which caused her to appear even more thin and sickly. They knew she was in desperate need of medical attention and they had to act fast.

Like many stray and abandoned animals, Kelsey was suspicious and very cautious, not trusting these individuals who were trying to help her. For a long time, she refused to allow the rescuers to place her into their vehicle so they could take her to get help. After a few hours of patient coaxing, the rescuers finally were finally able to gain Kelsey’s trust and get her into the car.

It was clear to the rescue team that Kelsey was in terrible shape. And the team realized if they had not found her when they did, there would have been a good chance that Kelsey might not have survived. In fact, the veterinarians at the rescue center could not believe she was still alive at all when they first saw her.

The veterinarians used all of their expertise to ensure that Kelsey would survive her horrific ordeal. They worked tirelessly to give her the proper care she clearly needed immediately. The first step, of course, was to make sure she was eating nutritious food.

Getting her to eat proper dog food wasn’t very difficult, the poor dog was starving and pretty much willing to wolf down almost anything presented to her! Even though she had a long way to go before she could be a fully healthy dog again, the veterinarians were going to do whatever it took to get her back on her feet.

By that point, Kelsey seemed to sense that she was in good hands. The veterinary staff could see her warming up to them, and her spirits appeared to be rising by the second. Just take a look at that sweet face! That’s a dog who knows she’s going to get better.

As Kelsey’s infections and wounds started to heal, her spunky spirit began to shine through. It was clear that the companionship of the veterinarians was helping her feel right at home with them. It wasn’t long before she was eagarly stepping outdoors to enjoy the sunshine whenever they did.

Another major step in Kelsey’s recovery was helping her to learn how to socialize with other dogs and animals. Thankfully, the staff at the animal hospital was quick to introduce her to a number of other dogs at the facility who were more than happy to play with her and show her the ‘doggie’ ropes!

Kelsey was blazing her way towards making a full recovery in a physical sense, but she was also becoming more social and comfortable around the people and other animals in her new environment. As her body was healing right before the staff’s eyes, so had her spirit returned. She was clearly much happier!

Once her sores and infections healed, it wasn’t very long before Kelsey’s beautiful fur finally began to grow back. Thanks to all the love and care she’d received, she no longer looked anything like the poor animal the hospital had begun treating just a few short weeks prior!

Like any pup, Kelsey was more than happy to curl up and nap in her new cozy, comfortable dog bed! It is certainly a better place than the cold concrete of the uncertain streets. It was clear she definitely felt right at home. She was finally experiencing a normal dog’s life: going for walks, taking naps, and eating lots of delicious, healthy snacks.

Kelsey has turned into a happy, healthy and beautiful dog just like any other. It was amazing to see what the veterinary staff was able to accomplish once Kelsey received the proper love and care that every dog deserves.

She was clearly thankful for their help, too.

Best of all, Kelsey was eventually adopted! She finally got the happy ending she deserved, and it was all thanks to the vets and rescuers who made all the difference in her unbelievable transformation. Bravo to them!

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