Converting A Grass Lawn To A Garden (Video)

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Grow Food, Not Lawns

If you are considering transforming your lawn into a food producing garden, this video shows a comprehensive approach to soil amendment and preparation, undertaken during the fall season before you intend to plant your garden.

There is more to it than meets the eye. A former lawn is inherently unhealthy. It has been pounded by foot traffic for years, just in mowing. All the organic matter is generally removed, and little lives in the soil.

The Urban Farm Guild of Northeast Seattle came to the rescue here. The team divided up the lawn, and one half the sod was removed to a separate area to decompose during the winter, on the other it was left in place and sheet mulched.

Bags of phosphate, Greensand and kelp meal add nutrients to the soil. Cardboard, compost and leaves are going to help bring the soil back over the winter. Coffee bags are put to work as weed barriers, and wood chips go on top of them.

Come spring, food will grow here in nutrient rich, healthy soil, where for decades there was only decorative grass.

Every lawn has the potential to be transformed, radically cutting down the “food miles” of the meals eaten in the house during the growing season.

–Bibi Farber

The following video was produced by The Urban Farm Guild of Sustainable Northeast Seattle