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This is my intention and prayer in the name of Love for all living things that belong on Planet Earth, including its human inhabitants.

Ultimately all life is but a choice and I choose, to walk away from this reality where nothing we are told about our lives, ourselves, our institutions, our leaders, our past, our present, or our future is actually real.

I choose to inhabit another reality where what I will be leaving behind is of “little consequence” in the “eternal nature of the all that is.”

Therefore, for as long as I live in this age and in this place on beautiful Terra;

I choose love instead of fear.

I choose joy and abundance instead of pain and lack.

I choose empathy tempered with wisdom instead of blind judgment.

I choose personal knowing instead of ignorant belief.

I choose freedom instead of enslavement.

I choose living nature instead of dead technology.

I choose perfect health instead of disease.

I choose to connect to the divine power of the spirit within instead of being an unwitting sacrifice to archonic parasites through worship without.

I choose harmony through the balance of the divine feminine in alliance with the divine masculine instead of the negative power of patriarchal control.

I choose the Kathara tree of life instead of the Kabala tree of limitation, entropy and death.

I choose God’s living Universe instead of the many realms of illusion of the Matrix.

I choose Mother Earth’s natural Paradise instead of the Cyborg’s virtual Purgatory.

I choose Jesus’ truths instead of anti-terrestrial lies.

I choose balance in all things, in this “Realm of Paradox.”

I choose God, the Source that lives in everything, Prime Creator of all things, and authentic unity instead of the imposter Gods of dualism and conflict.

Shoshoni~ April 17th 2020