Using Quantum Mechanics To Master Manifestation

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Source material posted by Peter Sage

Using Quantum Mechanics To Master Manifestation NOTES

Peter Sage uses latest science to manifest outside the left brain.

If manifesting works only some of the time for you, there is a way to guarantee manifesting all the time using non physical rule set exercises that influence manifesting in the physical, in shorter periods of time. 

Questions are the steering wheel of the mind; questions direct the brain to focus.

The brain is like a faithful Labrador retriever. Throw a stick and the lab will fetch it. If you throw your brain a stick in the form of a question, it’s job is to fetch the answer. Most people however ask the wrong questions.

When you ask “Why does my life stuck?” the brain searches its memory bank and recalls at age 9 a friend said you’re worthless. 

The following is a framework that can be used as a check mark for focusing how to maximize use of my time.




What if?

Let’s start with what. What are we here to do today?
What do we mean by manifesting? There are as many different interpretations as there are people on this call. [>1,000]. 

Interpretation is subjective. It depends on us. Manifesting is a subjective process. We see evidence objectively yet the process of how we see it is internal, it’s subjective.

We require a framework, something we can all agree on today with regards to what is manifesting =

To create or influence circumstances, events, results, w/out trying to use matter to matter physical rule set, there is a way to manifest with a non physical matter reality rule set, which is real.

Do you dream? Does your dream appear real to you? Do you dream in the physical or non physical? The non physical, yet the dream was experienced as real. 

Each of us is an encapsulation of the physical and non physical into one consciousness. 

The physical rule set is useful, predictable, consistent. The non physical rule set is mathematical. Which comes first? Einstein said the sole governing agent of the particle is the field. What this means is non physical matter reality is the parent, the super set, and physical matter reality a subset. 

The computer game is physical matter reality. Is the game from a position of the elf in the game on the screen? It is non physical reality that gives birth to the computer, software, coding, and is more powerful than the game on the screen. 

Manifestation is creating or influencing circumstances, events, and results using the rule set governing non physical matter reality. 

Back story:

Most powerful year in human development was 1995 b/c operating systems by Microsoft came out with Windows 95, a watershed moment b/c for the first time an operating system for personal computers was intuitive. You did not require a master’s degree to operate it. Windows 95 allowed someone with no experience to simply click and make stuff happen in an intuitive way. For the fist time, you could store and retrieve data en masse. Before 1995, you would visit a library or access journals for information. We have internet now with 95% junk, crap and distraction. 

To manifest, heart and mind must align. Doubt puts a wedge between heart and mind. Resolve conflict between your heart and mind. This is real. 

Fringe sciences know; ontology, quantum mechanics, etc., know the rule set that governs non physical matter reality.  

Key point. All you need to do is understand this is possible. If you flick a light switch you know it tuns on a light w/out knowing how electricity works. Similarly, you do not need to know how manifesting works. Realize the left brain’s job is to justify propensity that it’s just a coincidence.  

Document successful manifestations

If you build a reference library of consistency by creating a journal of positive confirmations of your manifestations, it becomes a powerful resource when the left brain is faced with overwhelming evidence that it’s more than just a coincidence.  

No amount of understanding intellectually can replace the power of self experience. Start writing successful manifestations down to start building a library of manifestation victories. 

Second question

Why do this? Why put time and effort into building a reference library? Getting good at manifesting is a master skill that transcends all other skills. 

The reason to make this a skill is b/c it’s the best investment of time and effort to enjoy and experience this playground called life. It is a more efficient way to navigate through life. 

On a physical level if you never understood diet, exercise, and body shape were correlated, you end up buying more clothes and eating more burgers. One shift in understanding can change the entire game. 

Our purpose is to shift the level of understanding our reality and ability to manifest on a higher level. 

Effortless Eric vs Stressed out Simon.

Being in flow state does not mean being in an idle state. We must play our part in influencing effortlessness. 

When we lapse into control due to fear, loss, negativity, we tend to grab the physical world even tighter. Surrendering the need to control is the first step to break free from achiever mentality, wrestling with the physical world instead of allowing the energy of attracting to support you.

Why, b/c every minute you invest learning and practicing, saves you 10 minutes trying to force change in the physical world.  

You are stressed to meet your sales quote so you make more calls, see more clients, when it is possible to achieve results with a lot of stress. When you know how to manifest there is no need to force the outcome, to control. You operate under a difference set of processes and higher probability, like out of nowhere a $50,000 customer solution presents itself according to a rule set. Similar to losing weight when you go to the gym.  

When you stop battling, things show up. When you surrender the need to control, you release your death grip on the world by the throat. If you grabbed someone by the throat and tried to force them to do something, they resist. When you let go, take a breath and release the need to control you get in touch with the reigns of the horse to guide you, when your heart and mind are aligned. Doubt breaks connection between heart and mind. 

The answers are in alpha 

The brain operates in hertz; cycles per second. The answers we seek are in alpha brain wave state. When stressed in the physical, if they put an EEG on your heard the brain would be around 14-15 hertz. If you’re really stressed the brain would be around 16-18 hertz. The need to control disconnects us from our ability to manifest b/c all the answers in alpha. 

Alpha state means our inner world becomes more real than the outer world.

When danger is perceived, the brain goes into beta stress response b/c most people do not know the difference between fear and danger. When we see danger we are cut off from alpha and want to grab the world by the throat and wrestle it to the ground. 

When we read fiction our brain is reading and giving meaning, it’s building characters whereas reading to learn fills our left brain with information that disassociates us from our inner world.

While reading fiction I see the street, I hear a voice, which create inside, they align me with my inner world, they make my inner world more real than my outer world. When we are calm around 10 hertz ideas emerge, like during a shower.  

When our mind is at rest, and we feel calm, we can drop into alpha and ideas come to us. Alpha is how we get through beta. Alpha is the gateway to manifest. 

Gateway – CIA wrote a summary that validates working the non physical rule set that allows anyone to drop into alpha and get incredible results. 

What Peter Sage and team teaches is validated in that CIA document. 

The easiest way to distill our ability to manifest requires 2 primary components. Repetition is power. 

2 keys, so you no longer have to grab the world by the throat: 

ONE: Set a firm, clear intention about what you want. 

Not: I kinda want this, which is too fuzzy or I want to be rich. 

When you want something, the Universe hears only what is not there. It’s like shouting into a cave and an echo coming back at you. I want to be rich means I am currently not rich.

What is a firm intention?  Exercise:

What is your name

I ask that question b/c we are so unconsciously competent no thought is required to answer.

Write down your firm intention b/c people who manifest are so firm and so clear about their intention, it’s as clear and immediate as their name.


If you pick a monetary figure i.e. I want money, the heart does not understand money. If I put down 2 dog bowls, one with dog food and one with $1,000 the dogs will eat the food and pee on the money. The heart, like the dog, does not understand money.

Instead, get in touch with what you want to do with the money, the ‘why’ you want the money. The more your ‘why’ aligns with benefiting others the easier to manifest.  

TWO: Create an elevated emotion. Not a desire. Desire means you don’t have it, it’s missing. Desire comes from wanting, lack mentality. I want a better body. I want a better life.

ELEVATED MOTION means to adopt emotions as if it is already fulfilled. 

You must FEEL IT. This technique is like a screen, it bypasses the left brain.  

The screen test technique

Imagine you are going for a screen test. The technique is to imagine a scene as if it is already accomplished. 

You get a call from a casting director asking if you would like to star in a movie. If you do well, you are guaranteed the part. You agree. 

The goal part of the script is what I am being considered for.

The casting director hands you a scene from a large script. It is a scene out of the movie of your life. The script reads that your most desired goal has just been accomplished. Now you are to demonstrate how you would act in that scene to see if they are convinced. 

Take 60 seconds now to demonstrate how you would act this out. 

If you do this once a day, you teach your body how it ‘feels’, which sends your elevated emotion into the Field. Next, people, events and circumstances show up to conspire to bring your intention into physical reality.

Earn the discipline of doing the exercise, and make it a habit to shift from force to power, from achiever to flow state. 

Problems still emerge however the difference is that you have an internal relationship to dance with problems rather than be destroyed by them.  

Learn to drop into alpha in a heart beat.

Peter Sage will host a live, 5 day Mastering Manifestation Challenge Mar 20-24, 2023 that includes exercise techniques using the non-physical rule set.