Who Are the Maitreya Buddha and Kalki Avatar?

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By Tyla Gabriel


Mary Sophia: Queen of Heaven

There are two streams that help in the process to make sure that humans evolve along at the right pace so that they may return to their rightful homes in heaven with Sophia the Queen of Heaven.

One stream flows down from above.

This is Sophia the Daughter and Christ the Son consciously sacrificing themselves and descending from the celestial to the earthly. This stream of spiritual gifts and guidance happens at the exact right moment in evolution to have the greatest impact on humanity. These gifts are often referred to as gifts or treasures from the avatars, the lofty spiritual beings who watch over and care for humanity on its road from dark to light. This is the avatar stream which descends from above.

The other stream, which ascends from below, is the one that comes from the efforts of humans as they evolve over many incarnations.

This is often referred to as the path to enlightenment which is known in the East as the vow of the bodhisattva that drives a human to become an enlightened buddha. A bodhisattva is a highly developed initiate who is evolving towards being able to help humanity without having the encumbrance of a human body.

Gautama Buddha is the most prominent bodhisattva who became a buddha and no longer has to incarnate in a physical body but helps humanity from the realm of Mars. Gautama was a human who evolved over many incarnations to reach his buddhahood. This stream is one that rises up from the earthly, by human effort, to reach the divine.

These two streams are found in Sophia the Daughter and Holy Sophia. The Daughter represents the descending stream and the Holy Sophia represents the ascending stream of spirituality.

When the Daughter over­lighted Mary, She poured into her spiritual qualities from the paradisiacal realm that renewed her body until it was a virgin, immaculate soul. This was the descending stream of spirit of Wisdom from the Beings of Wisdom.

Eve’s efforts throughout many incarnations brought her to the incarnation of Mary where she was able to hold the body of wisdom given to her by Jesus of Nazareth, earthly wisdom accumulated since the Garden of Eden. From Eve through Mary human development is the ascending, or boddhisatva, stream of spirituality.

In Mary Sophia we have both streams united, descending and ascending.

It is little understood that the greatest human initiate is presently the being we have referred to as Mary/Eve/Sophia, Mary Sophia or “Maria Sophia.”

The idea that a collective being from the hierarchy of the Beings of Wisdom descended with Christ to the earth and over­lighted Mary, who was the reincarnation of the original Eve, is almost inconceivable to humans. To add the being of Eve Kadmon, the part of Eve that remained in paradise until she incarnated as Mary of Nazareth, adds a paradox to a mystery. Sophia, the Being of Wisdom, over­lighted Mary/Eve, who was united with Eve Kadmon (Mary of Nazareth who had died), making Mary/Eve the first fully redeemed human being in history. This is the Mary/Eve that is taken bodily into heaven at the Assumption.

This would seem to make Maria Sophia the most significant human biography that illustrates the future path of all of humanity which will merge the two streams of spirituality, the avatar and bodhisattva.

Maria Sophia becomes through her union with her paradisiacal ­self, the first fully realized human being to return to heaven as a prodigal child. Her experience is imprinted in the super-­etheric realm around the earth and available to use by initiates as an aid to their development. And even beyond this marvelous trinity of forces active in Maria Sophia, we also understand that Jesus gave over to Mary his body of wisdom that had ripened the wisdom of Zarathustra, Hermes, and Moses.

Therefore, Maria Sophia came to hold in her heart the cosmic Wisdom of Sophia and the human wisdom of the great initiates transformed by Jesus.

This merging of celestial Wisdom given by Sophia and human, earthly wisdom given by Jesus to Mary represents the merging of the two streams of avatars (celestial) and bodhisattvas (earthly).

The distinction between heavenly and earthly wisdom is misunderstood by spiritual seekers and more than often the descriptions of avatars and bodhisattvas are confused by westerners trying to interpret Eastern doctrines. The mixing of Christian and Buddhist doctrines is a very slippery slope. It is not easy for a western materialist to be able to embody the lofty and celestial ideas concerning the incarnations of avatars or the nature and work of bodhisattvas.

The ten incarnations of Vishnu have been taken to be literally true by some western occultists who predict the eminent incarnation of Vishnu as the Kalki Avatar. There are also many people who claim to be the incarnation of the newest bodhisattva who is working to become the next buddha to reach enlightenment ­ the Maitreya Buddha.

Avatars descend as perfected beings to bring spiritual manifestations that are needed to sustain humanity on its ascent to the spirit. Bodhisattvas rise up from human effort into the spiritual world. In Maria Sophia we have the greatest example of the avatar stream merging with the bodhisattva stream.

In Maria Sophia, we have a confluence of beings that was unparalleled.

It is premature to discuss the identity of great spiritual teachers until one hundred years have passed since their deaths. We know these reincarnating human personalities by their works which may not take deep root until a century after they have passed over the threshold of death.

To speak of one person or another as the Kalki Avatar or Maitreya Buddha or some other bodhisattva before a century has passed since their death is spiritual sophistry that will lead to cults of the personality or spiritually hinder those who become followers of these alleged great teachers. Every person on the earth who puts forth the effort can attain to embodying great avatars, saints, and spiritual beings.

We should keep our eye on learning to know our own guardian angel rather than seeking exalted teachers outside of ourselves. All too often, belief in a guru or teacher may take the place of personally taking responsibility for one’s own self­-development, with the help of the ever-present beings in the spiritual world.

Let us look at the greatest of Hindu avatars, Vishnu, as an illustration of exactly what was meant by that term in the tradition that created it. Vishnu is one of the three gods in the male trinity of the Hindu pantheon. Vishnu is called the sustainer, essentially a similar role as Christ, the second person in the Christian Trinity. He incarnates in a physical form on a regular basis to keep creation in balance. Vishnu has had nine incarnations and his tenth is awaited as the Kalki Avatar.

Vishnu is the archetypal avatar who comes from the celestial realm to Earth in whatever form he wishes to take and is not bound by any physical law of nature. He created fantastic wonders during his incarnations. He was there at creation as a giant turtle, then later as a flying boar, then a one-­horned whale who saved Manu from the flood, then the half man/half lion named Narashimha, then the dwarf Vamana who conquered the evil demon Bali, then Parashurama, Rama, Krishna and his brother Balarama.

The ninth incarnation of Vishnu is hotly debated, some scholars saying Balarama and others saying Gautama Buddha. This debate highlights the confusion between an avatar and a bodhisattva. Gautama Buddha was clearly a human who evolved to an enlightened state, not an avatar who descended from heaven. Thus, the debate over the Kalki Avatar began with the enlightenment of Gautama Buddha, and it hasn’t ended yet.

There is another school of thought that believes that when Krishna manifested to Arjuna as his charioteer, this was the tenth incarnation of Vishnu. Some say that this manifestation as Arjuna was connected to the descent of Christ into the human realm. Others are convinced that the tenth incarnation of Vishnu as the Kalki Avatar has happened in our own time and that this being has united with the new bodhisattva who is evolving towards becoming the Maitreya Buddha, the successor of the Gautama Buddha.

And yet others, like Amma Bhagavan, claim to be the physical incarnation of the Maitreya Buddha. Amma Bhagavan are two great Hindu teachers in India who founded the Oneness University which has over fifty million followers worldwide. Amma and Bhagavan are male and female and teach that they are one being, united in all ways, as twins. They claim to have the signs and prophecies that prove their assertion to be the Maitreya Buddha.

Other Maitreya Buddha claimants have been prophesized by authors who insist that Maitreya has been manifesting throughout the world before many people doing great feats of wonder and bringing spiritual blessings to many. There are also Indian, Tibetan, Bonpo and other spiritual lineages that claim to have an incarnation of the Maitreya in their particular tradition incarnated at this time. The author has met multiple claimants to the title of Maitreya Buddha and they all seem like lovely, genuine people.

So then, the question arises as to which of the many Maitreyas and Kalki Avatars are real?


Lord Maitreya (sitting) and Lord Kalki (in flight)

George William Russell (writing under the name A. E.) wrote a book titled The Avatars in which he describes how a young shepherd who plays the flute and sings beautifully becomes over time an avatar. The young man does not know that he is such a highly developed person and appears as a humble shepherd throughout most of his life. Eventually, he becomes more spiritually developed and begins to realize this as he notices the magical effect he has over people in bringing them great happiness.

A young girl, in the same countryside as the shepherd boy, has an ethereal companion who others cannot see at first. Over the years, the companion becomes more and more physical until she incarnates in a seemingly physical body. Eventually, the shepherd boy and the girl’s companion meet and fall in love. They travel throughout the countryside bringing happiness and joy to everyone they meet, creating a legend and leaving many anecdotes of wisdom for the villagers to talk about for a long time to come. The two finally retreat from the physical world to continue to do their good work far from humanity who understands them all too little.

This story of avatars also underscores the distinction between the earthly bodhisattva stream of humans ascending to the divine and the avatar stream descending from above.

The merging of these two streams is similar to the merging of the celestial and earthly streams that united in Maria Sophia.

These streams are found also in the divine being of Christ descending into the body of Jesus of Nazareth, the Adam Kadmon body, for three years. Jesus, as a human, then underwent His ministry and passion before He ascended into heaven.

The veils between all worlds are thinning and humans have one foot on each side of the threshold between the physical and spiritual worlds. Avatars work with bodhisattvas to help them penetrate the veils between these worlds so that they may develop their spiritual nature. But we must be clear about why each tradition has its own version of these spiritual realities and be true to the spirit of current revelation available for the budding bodhisattva in our self.

The tradition of bodhisattvas is long and involved and is often referred to as the Masters of Wisdom and the Harmony of Feelings and Sensation. This is, in short, what The Gospel of Sophia is teaching: the Masters have mastered thinking (wisdom), feeling (harmony of feelings), and willing (harmony of sensations).

This Great White Brotherhood or Lodge, as it is often called, is traditionally a group of twelve bodhisattvas who are circled around Christ receiving His teachings directly so that they may descend to Earth and share those Wisdom teachings of love with humanity. One bodhisattva at a time comes to the fore and descends into incarnation to bring the teachings of Christ.

After four or five thousand years, the current bodhisattva then ascends to become a buddha who does not incarnate into a physical body again but rather works from the spiritual world to continue the mission as an ascended master.

When Gautama Buddha reached enlightenment in a physical body, he chose his successor who is called the Maitreya Buddha, the bringer of good. However, the Maitreya Bodhisattva will not become a buddha for another few thousand years.

The mission of the Maitreya Buddha is to bring the Wisdom of Christ that illuminates the cosmic nature of Christ’s origin and his singular deed that redeemed the earth and saved it from becoming too hardened and materialized.

This is called the Wisdom of Christ, or Sophia of Christ, for it is this Wisdom that will bring understanding about the true nature of Christ’s deed and particularly about Christ’s redemption and resurrection of the super-­etheric body of the earth and the ether body of humanity.

Christ conquered the earthly realm and now is conquering the etheric realm so that humanity can assume its rightful position in creation.

Christ conquered death as an earthly and Cosmic Deed and this is the message of the Maitreya Buddha in our time.

When Maitreya speaks, so much wisdom and truth is present in the moral content of the words spoken that they become reality. The Maitreya’s words have the power to create just as the divine spoke creation into being through the Word, or Logos.

It is erroneous that the Maitreya Buddha will teach traditional Buddhism.  The Maitreya Buddha will teach Christianity in the most profound way.  Gautama Buddha taught the six steps of compassion that lead to love, but Christ is the author and master of love. Gautama Buddha was intimately involved in the life of Christ and was there from his birth as the Star of Bethlehem.

Buddha’s higher bodies participated in the Mystery of Golgotha ­ the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Buddha was taught by Christ when he was one of the bodhisattvas circled around Him in the spiritual lodge of the sun. These masters are called many names in many faiths – elders, masters, wise women, bodhisattvas, candles, fires, and other such names.

In our times, due to the incarnation of Ahriman, the great deceiver and father of lies, both groups of twelve circled around Christ are currently active on the earth. This is the first time that such a dramatic event as this has happened. All twenty­-four elders, plus avatars, bodhisattvas, arahats, mahatmas, saints, patriarchs, and a host of others great spiritual beings are incarnating at this time. This is well known by clairvoyants in these traditions who can witness such events.

This is an unprecedented time that is a fulcrum of evolution.  The battle between light and dark is raging and human evolution is at a precipice.  One of the reasons that so many great spiritual beings have incarnated to wage the battle

against materialism and the forces of Ahriman and his followers is because human bodies have degraded so much that it is very difficult for spiritual beings to find suitable human bodies that can carry the weight of spiritual consciousness in these hyper-­materialistic times. Many great beings are finding bodies that do not permit them to manifest their spiritual strength without great hindrances.

Thus, of the twenty-­four elders it will be hard to find twelve who can join together to confront the incarnation of Ahriman and the many dark beings who have also taken form with him. Without the lodge of the elders working to bring light and warmth into the grey shadow­ thoughts of materialism that have become common in the world, much of humanity will fail to evolve properly and move forward in evolution. The battle for humanity is being waged day and night and most people have no idea of the costs.

Humans will either become angels or animals and the elders are committed to serve the angelic in humans.

Avatars and bodhisattvas, the celestial and the earthly, hang in the balance of what humans will do in these crucial years of trying to keep the spiritual world from darkening our consciousness. When a materialist sleeps or dies, he does not have spiritual food to feed the hierarchy and thus the spiritual world has no food to feed him. Subsequently light is not born and all is turned towards darkness in both realms. Christ is crucified again in the etheric realm of light and life by materialistic thinking.

Humans are starving from the lack of spiritual nourishment because they bring none to the spiritual world. As a result, human evolution could be lost to beings who want to impede and end human spiritual development. This death of the spirit has caused the spiritual world to empty itself of souls and flood the earth with as much help as it can send.

We need to remember that Sophia is higher than an avatar and is ready to help the bodhisattva in us blossom into the spiritual world. Sophia as Maria Sophia is far beyond a bodhisattva who evolves into a Buddha. She is a perfect archetype to emulate as she is a balance between celestial and earthly.

Christ is the Being we all must meet each time we cross the threshold between the physical and spiritual worlds. Currently, we have the greatest help from the spiritual world that can be imagined. All around us are the great spiritual teachers of all time, incarnated to help us move along the spiritual path of self­-development.

We should not be surprised to find many false prophets claiming these spiritual titles; however, it is not the author’s intent to denounce them, just to inspire the seeker to bring true light into his and her own spiritual research. Once you know these spiritual realities, you can be more discerning of the teachings and practices of any spiritual teacher.

We should remember that any spiritual being can alight in our spirit, even if for only a moment of golden illumination. We need not speculate on past incarnations or play the spiritual game of who was who; rather, we should research our own incarnations with the help of Sophia and Her hosts and utilize the research to perfect our own self without concern of who others think we are or who we think some teacher might be in the larger scheme of history.

We need to take the vow of the bodhisattva, which is, that we will continue to strive towards enlightenment for the sake of all other sentient beings. This is a pre­requisite for advancing towards our Buddhahood or Christened Self.


Bronze depiction of the Goddess Kali

The author points to Hindu tradition to be most helpful and accurate­­that the Kalki Avatar will be the incarnation of Kali herself. The Hindu text Divya Maha Kala Jnana (The Divine Knowledge of Time), written around 1000 AD by Jagas Guru Srimad Virat Potaluru Veera Brahmendra Maha Swami, describes social conditions before the arrival of Kali Purusha, the Kalki Avatar, by the Kali year 5101 (1999 A.D.).

This being, it is told, is the incarnation of Kali, the destructive and procreative female aspect of the divine. It is predicted that Kali Purusha will be called Shree Shree Shree (“Thrice Great”) Veera Bhoga Vasataraya Maha Swami and will carry a fiery sword to strike off the head of ignorance and champion Wisdom.

The Divine Feminine Trinity is a similar archetype to this prediction of the Thrice Great Goddess, who is the necessary spiritual teacher or avatar of our times.

The forces of Kali are the forces of death that accompany her consort, Shiva. It is the feminine forces of death that also create the forces of birth, that are needed to overcome the deadening forces of materialism that threaten to destroy humanity’s opportunity for spiritual advancement in this age of hyper-­materialism.

The Maitreya Buddha is like the Holy Sophia as She slowly develops Herself and humanity in the process of spiritual evolution from the earth to the realm of Queen of Heaven.

The Holy Sophia knows the suffering and strife of human life and is there to help midwife all of our efforts to birth the spirit. Like a bodhisattva, She has taken the vow to help all humans embody their angelic self and enter the super­-etheric realm of the divine. Surely Sophia, in Her many forms changes into the very companion we need to make the journey to our higher self.

This article is an excerpt from The Gospel of Sophia: The Biographies of the Divine Feminine Trinity, by Tyla Gabriel. It is reprinted with the author’s permission and may be circulated by the readers of www.cosmicconvergence.org with this authorship statement attached. For more information on the Our Spirit project, please visit www.ourspirit.com.