Spiritual Alchemy and the Etherization of the Blood

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By Tyla Gabriel

There is a continuous reciprocal feeding and nourishing
between the spiritual world and the human.

To grow a spiritual ladder upon which to climb out of the darkness and into the light, one must rarify the spirit through morality training and higher thoughts. At the same time, the physiological effects that accompany this transcendence are wondrous. In anthroposophy, the process by which the spiritual journey is expressed within our body is known as the etherization of the blood, or the earthly and cosmic nutrition stream. This is a give­-and­-take exchange between us, as initiates, and the spiritual beings that comprise our own nature.

By offering etherized elements through the earthly sustenance that travels from the heart to the head, we receive a cosmic gift: a nutrition stream that flows into our bodies through our sense organs, nerves, and glands. We give the spiritual hierarchy what they need, our offerings of Imagination, Inspiration, and Intuition. In return, they give us spiritual nutrition.

For our purposes, we will use the work of Rudolf Steiner as an informative starting point to examine the spiritual nourishment of humanity. In the lecture entitled, The Etherization of the Blood, he explains:

When a man stands in front of us today in his waking state and we observe him with the eye of clairvoyance, certain rays of light are seen streaming continually from the heart towards the head. Within the head these rays play around the organ known in anatomy as the pineal gland. These streamings arise because human blood, which is a physical substance, is perpetually resolving itself into etheric substance. In the region of the heart there is a continual transformation of the blood into this delicate etheric substance which streams upwards towards the head and glimmers around the pineal gland. This process ­ the etherization of the blood ­ can be perceived in the human being all the time during his waking life. The occult observer is able to see a continual streaming from outside into the brain, and also in the reverse direction, from the brain to the heart. Now these streams, which in sleeping man come from outside, from cosmic space, from the Macrocosm, and flow into the inner constitution of the physical body and etheric bodies lying in the bed, reveal something remarkable when they are investigated. These rays vary greatly in different individuals.

Steiner and other anthroposophists first developed the science to formally elucidate the remarkable etherization process, but ancient Hindu and Buddhist philosophers have long described in their own spiritual practices similar activities in the human body. One example is a yogic practice for raising the Serpent Force of Kundalini. In fact, all true, ancient traditions have been aware of the earthly and cosmic nutrition stream and have used clairvoyance to perceive it directly. It is a universal force, a primal source of prana, or life energy, which is so essential to many practitioners. Why? From this process, heat and kinetic energy can be harnessed to fire the rigors of mental training that focus on “non­earthly” or super-sensible content.

In past traditions, the mental yogic practices of fire were kept secret, shared only with initiates – how to raise energy in the physical body and the chakras. Before a student could learn these practices, he had to study the following for many years:

  •  Sutrayana – Learning the sutras for the perfection of his morals
  •  Mantrayana – Practicing mental training with mantras
  •  Vajrayana – Visualizing deity worship
  •  Tantrayana – Practicing the embodiment of spiritual deities

Only when the student was cleansed of lower desires and thoughts could he learn the spiritual physiology that unlocks the twelve gateways of wisdom, a Language of the Spirit.It may come as a shock to the reader to hear that one’s transformed higher ethers are consumed by the hierarchies each night during sleep and that the hierarchies feed your spiritual needs with higher ethers in response to the nourishment you bring.The nectar and ambrosia of the gods are real.The Golden Apples of the Hesperides are real. They are still there, beneath Atlas in the spirit world where we travel each night in our dreams.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 12.22.24 PM

Karl Koenig best presents this system of human and cosmic nutrition in his book, Earth and Man, where he paints a beautiful picture of the reciprocal streams at work in the human body.

Here is the sequence of etherization of the blood, as Koenig describes.

  1. Heart start. The process starts in the heart, where an earthly, living stream of rarified elements begins to rise toward the pineal gland.
  2. Rise to the pineal. Rising to the pineal gland, the stream then turns downward toward the pituitary gland.
  3. Pass through the pituitary. Coming down from the pineal gland, the stream passes through the pituitary gland, which gathers the cosmic forces of sound and life, and redirects them to the nerves and blood.
  4. Etherization occurs. The etherization of the blood occurs at the moment when focused breath concentrates carbon particles into a spiritual fire in the heart. This fire changes the elements of oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, and calcium into ionized particles. These then enter the ether stream of warmth, light, magnetism, and bioelectricity, rising upward back to the pineal gland.
  5. Brain sand. Once these particles reach the pineal gland, some of them are deposited as calcium carbonate crystals or “brain sand.” They take on piezoelectric characteristics, refracting cosmic energy into the descending ether stream that moves toward the pituitary gland.
  6. Excretion. The pituitary gland gathers all sense impressions of light, sound, and other nerve impulses. It rarifies them into a mineral substance that refracts the descending cosmic ether stream into nutrition, and then excretes them to the rest of the endocrine gland system, nerves and blood.

As demonstrated in the process above, the pineal and pituitary glands work together harmoniously. The pineal holds the crystallized deposits of our internal, spiritual work. The pituitary then receives the pineal’s refracted ethers, the transformed in­streaming forces of the sense world. Together, they coordinate the ascending and descending streams of etherized materials.

Modern science has now correctly identified one component of this earthly and cosmic nutrition process, calling it the “bio-­mineralization of calcium” into calcite crystals with piezoelectric properties that are deposited into the pineal gland. Studies have shown that these calcium crystals (brain sand) are directly related to intelligence and IQ.

Spiritual development, too, is closely aligned with the development of these crystals. For example, the more crystals that are collected in your pineal gland, the more cosmic energy can be refracted into the spiritual nutrition stream, and the more you can control your own spiritual development through the proper growth and development of the chakras.

How Chakras Work

Chakras are a basic tenet of eastern Tantric philosophies. To raise their level of terrestrial energy, humans gather energy from chakras and send it along three vertical channels:

  •  Ida – female channel
  •  Pingala – male channel
  •  Shushumna – central channel

These chakras generally are associated with the bundles of nerve ganglia in the front of the body that connect to the spinal cord and the brain. The eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and skin also accumulate light, warmth, sound, and sensory input. Even the palms of the hands and the bottom of the feet are considered chakras.Chakras have different numbers of petals for each specific center. The generally accepted grouping of seven chakras is:

  1. Crown
  2. Brow
  3. Throat
  4. Heart
  5. Solar plexus
  6. Hara center
  7. Sex center

These seven centers relate to the seven planets and their generation of the music of the spheres.

To truly maximize his or her spiritual potential, each human needs to learn to harmonize all seven chakras in concert, at the same time.

Each chakra has petals, some developed in the past and others that need to be developed now. Moral development and loving deeds build the chakras properly so that they can evolve along with the individual. Nerve activity in the chakras causes them to receive and radiate light, color, sound, and other energies as they spin. Alignment with spiritual harmonics causes the chakras to work together and health ensues; non­alignment with cosmic harmonics causes dissonance leading to stress, disease, and illness.

Each bundle of nerves creates a space where “human light” can come to birth. We can create energy, light, sound, words, and forms that engender the higher ethers to come to birth in and around these chakras. For example, developing profound feelings of love and devotion bring light, color, coherent geometric forms, and other forms of light into the heart chakra.

Love exercises all of the chakras; when someone is truly in love, they spin wildly.

In Western Christian esotericism and some Tibetan Buddhists beliefs, we find that the lower four chakras were supposed to have been developed and tamed by now. In other words, the spiritual aspirant should have already learned to control appetites of sex, food, comfort, revenge, hatred, anger, and the other immoral qualities that have no place in higher spiritual practices. The researcher of truth should also know these pitfalls and learn to control them through self-­reflection, meditation, contemplation, and other spiritual disciplines. If the lower chakras still rule the aspirant’s desires, then working on the higher chakras is somewhat useless.

Modern spiritual practice works on the heart, throat, brow, and crown chakras. This set of chakras, from heart to head, constitutes what is known as the normal ether stream from heart to head. This ether stream is a response to the nerve bundles that produce excess heat through special breath­control exercises, using that heat to ionize particles of matter. This process of chakra development can produce the effect wherein calcium is spiritualized into calcium carbonate and deposited in the pineal gland.

An Offering of Golden Apples

The earthly nutrition stream is the way humans give their ambrosia and nectar to the gods. These calcium carbonate crystals are truly the Golden Apples of the Hesperides; their garden is the cube upon which the pineal gland sits.

Atlas is indeed our ability to “hold the world on our shoulders.”

Each golden apple produces something akin to the continued good health and immortality the Greek gods attained when they ate the Golden Apples of the Hesperides. Calcium carbonate crystals in the pineal gland relate directly to human intelligence and many other mysteries of aging, light processing, and regulatory control over the other glands. In a way, the pineal gland gleans the “wisdom in the light” from the optic nerves, which pass directly over it. It combines this wisdom light with the stream of etherized elements that arise from the heart to offer the gods earthly nutrition. This nutrition is the moral and spiritual effort of humans offered as the Human Golden Apples of Hesperides to the gods.

The process of earthly nutrition that spiritualizes material elements is a type of fission energy, cold fission. One substance is turned into another without conflict or disharmony. Humans also create entirely new energy “out of nothingness” in the cosmic nutrition process that brings spiritual nutrition to the human, particularly at night. This process is the dream of the alchemist and a form of cold fusion.

Earthly and cosmic nutrition defies the laws of thermodynamics. Fission and fusion happen in the human body without an explosion, just processes of breath and nutrition. The transmutation of elements is a by­product of the spiritual process of rarefication and etherization of matter.

Humans spiritualize matter naturally, changing one substance into another through natural processes. Humans also can create new energy out of nothing, by taking in cosmic nutrition and turning it into new energy that did not previously exist.

Through earthly nutrition, we feed the gods.
Through cosmic nutrition, the gods feed us.
We are in a symbiotic relationship with the divine and play a critical role. More and

more, humanity understands how these processes function in nature, how the human being is the tool for spiritual development that builds new organs of perception.

In both nature and the human we see the forces of silica control the pineal gland, as a force of She.

Likewise, we can see the forces of calcium control the pituitary gland, as a force of He.

Silica is abundant in the child at birth but declines over the years until at old age it is one­ fourth of its prior level. Calcium is the opposite. Found in smaller proportions in the newborn, it then gains dominance in the aged.

As silica wanes and calcium waxes, old age sets in.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 12.23.13 PM

She as silica is all youth and light, whereas He as calcium is old age and gravity.

Through consciousness, the human raises calcium up into the realm of silica and synthesizes it into a crystalline structure that receives and emits piezoelectric frequencies.

Hence, the human being participates in creating a new element from something old, i.e. calcium, in this process of cold fission. Likewise, when sense perception is changed from light and sound into human consciousness, then something is created out of nothing. Cold fusion takes place in the human heart as it receives spiritual nourishment from the divine beings that exist behind the veil of sense perception.

Just as Rudolf Steiner’s quote above indicates that a clairvoyant can see the etherized light stream going up from the heart to the head and then returning back to the heart, so too did the ancients describe a similar phenomenon. They believed that once an aspirant was able to focus his energy on the chakra just below the belly button, he could then use that “heat” of the “fierce woman” to start to melt the frost in two of the three channels that run from the base of the spine to the crown of the head.

In this version, the heat from the focused mental practice begins to melt the frost in the female and male channels and the “mist” rises along the two channels as they crisscross over the principal chakras along the spine from the foundation chakra to the heart chakra. For the alchemist, this is referred to as the white gluten of the eagle and the blood of the red lion, because the frost in the female channel is red and the frost in the male channel is white.

Combining the white and red creates the permanent rose-­colored drop that can be deposited in the heart chakra.

Aging is a process of calcification.

If the aspirant is able to raise the force of the kundalini serpent up the spine to the head, then a wonderful hooded serpent appears at the brow chakra. The aura becomes illuminated as energy runs up and down the entire length of all three channels.

There is a spiritual practice in some teachings called the Vase Retention Breath that also raises energy in the chakras. Through the concentration of consciousness on a “vase” just below the belly button (the hara chakra), a portion of normal breathing can be held back, placed in the vase and “cooked” into a highly charged and hot breath that has been fueled by taking carbon from the environment and using it to stoke the normal fires that come from this chakra.

Once the breath in the vase is rarified, it becomes the heat that melts the frost in the channels until the red and white frost combine into a rose­-colored drop.

This drop is then deposited in the heart chakra. It becomes the basis for igniting the etherized stream of material that rises from the heart to the pineal gland, there creating illumination that is directly proportional to the moral development of the aspirant.

A clairvoyant can see these rose­-colored drops in the hearts of others. The amount and quality of “permanent” rose-­colored drops is basically equivalent to the moral development of the person. Also, the number and quality of the calcium carbonate crystals that are deposited in the pineal gland are related to the mental and moral development of the person.

The Holy Grail Within Us

It is believed by Manly P. Hall and the Western occult tradition that the pineal gland is analogous to the Holy Grail – that the corpora quadrigemini below the pineal gland is the grail castle.

Shaped like a tetrahedron, the pineal gland looks like a pinecone, or a thre-e­sided pyramid. The corpora quadrigemini that sits beneath the pineal is the shape of a cube segregated into eight smaller cubes. Many nerves run through and around the cube, charging it directly with neural “light” and “heat.”

The charge that the cube experiences through the rush of neural light and heat is transferred to the pineal gland. This energy informs the pineal gland about the neural processes and conditions of the body. From this perch, the pineal gland, which is the only singular ductless gland (all others are dual), a “holy grail” can “feed” all those who come before it whatever they need for nutrition, just as the Holy Grail of Irish tradition.

The pineal gland is the master gland that controls aging, size, sex, onset of puberty, calcification, intelligence, and the ability to refract cosmic nutrition into the chakras and endocrine system. At one time, this organ controlled warmth perception, and was the “third eye” of the human. Over time, the functions of warmth perception shrank in the brain into the fourth ventricle, where the pineal complex is now found.

The etherization of the blood is the quest for the Holy Grail – its supply of nourishment and enlightenment. The path is uphill, not easy. It requires moral and mental development to be worthy of the grace and mercy of the grail.

There are more intricate applications of this in Christian esoteric tradition. The central stone from Lucifer’s crown becomes the Holy Grail. As Archangel Michael casts Lucifer down from heaven, he strikes the stone with his sword and it falls to Earth. This analogy is an accurate depiction of the earthly nutrition stream. It rises as Michael’s sword strikes Lucifer’s crown, the pineal gland, and knocks down the “shining stone.” The shining light is seen falling to the Earth, down through all the chakras to the base of the spine.

From this, we can make several connections. For example, Lucifer is the Light Bearer, just as the chakras are the light bearer in the human body.

Our job is to bring the light back to heaven as we raise our moral light from the heart to the pineal gland.

Lucifer was often depicted in the Garden of Eden wound around the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, just as the Kundalini Serpent Power is wound around the tree of the human spine and head.

Lucifer brings “knowledge of the gods,” just as the pineal deposits bring more intelligence and light.

The pineal gland is the “crown” of the ductless gland system and is singular amongst these twinned glands.

Lucifer is often seen with wings, just as the caduceus has wings and usually a golden ball at the top representing the pineal gland.

Some Christian traditions hold that when Lucifer is redeemed, he will be part of the Holy Spirit and will aid humans in taking wing into the spiritual world.

Lucifer is the light bringer, just as Prometheus was the fire bringer to the Greeks. Prometheus, like Lucifer, is bound to the Earth until the great human hero comes who can break the chains of the gods that bind him. No blade or tool can cut those chains, just as no one can completely free Lucifer until his usefulness is finished.

It took a human hero with a club to break the chains. Each of us is that hero bringing the light of the heavens to the Earth.

Lucifer, like Prometheus, Loki, and the other “bringers of light,” all represent human strivings to develop thinking as a tool of light that can literally illuminate us about the light of the gods.

Soul Qualities

As the etherized elements rise and bathe the pineal gland, they create specific colors that are indicative of specific soul qualities of the human.

If you recall, the three soul forces of thinking, feeling, and willing arise basically in head, heart, and hands as a simple application of the threefold nature of human consciousness.

We are awake in our thinking.
We dream in our feeling.
We are asleep in our willing.
As we spiritualize these three soul qualities, we activate specific elements that enter the stream and become etherized.
Essentially, the elements become rarified through the plasma or bioelectricity in the

streams rising up from the heart to the pineal gland.
Spiritualized thinking etherizes oxygen into white and bluish colors.
Spiritualized feeling etherizes hydrogen into rose and red­-colored light.
Spiritualized willing etherizes nitrogen into green and violet­-colored light.
So, a person with little moral development will create brown-­colored light that barely reaches the pineal gland.

In addition, the process of the etherization of blood takes elements from the blood, with the help of spiritual breathing, and ionizes them so they rarify calcium in the body. They then carry the calcium in the etherized stream until it bathes the pineal.

What does calcium represent? Aging. As we calcify, we grow old.

This new type of calcium that has been spiritualized through the etherization process is now able to crystallize into a calcium carbonate or calcite. As a piezoelectric crystal, it has the possibility of electromagnetic communication with the other chakras and glands in the body.

It has been found that the calcium crystals in the pineal gland are directly proportional to a person’s intelligence, a fact well known in modern science. Unknown, though, is the fact that humans have the possibility of depositing new calcium crystals through spiritual training in morality and mental development, thereby increasing their intelligence.

Rose Colored Drops

Through moral development, etherized materials rise into the pineal gland, turn downward through the pituitary gland, and are deposited in the heart. The ancients believed that these drops were permanent, because they accumulate from one incarnation to the next. Therefore, anyone who has had morality and spiritual training in the past has these drops in the heart and sand in the pineal gland to show for his efforts. That is one way that a highly developed initiate can recognize a developed teacher even as an infant: the drops shine out, indicating a spiritual soul and its development from prior incarnations.

Rudolf Steiner points out that after Christ died and was resurrected, all human beings were given a single drop of His etherized blood in our hearts as a tool for spiritual development, a gift of grace and mercy. This drop ensures that all humans stand on the same foundation of spiritual development. Each can develop spiritualized thinking, feeling, and willing. One can use this etherized drop of Christ to create a second column of etherized material directly associated with Him and the renewal of the etheric body of the Earth and humanity.

Christ’s deed won freedom for all humans developing their spiritual natures. It does not take belief in Him to utilize these gifts, although the wisdom of the Cosmic Christ is essential for advancement in the spiritual world.

The second etherization stream of Christ may or may not join together with the first stream thus far described.

The first etheric stream exists for anyone who can use her thinking to control desire as she develops morality in her feelings and will.

The second etheric stream is there for those who recognize the Wisdom of the Cosmic Christ and the central importance of the Mystery of Golgotha (the death and resurrection of Christ). The drop of Christ’s etheric blood in the heart is the catalyst for the development of this etheric stream.

Through the first stream, elements of thinking arise and are etherized, while the second stream helps develop spiritualized feeling and willing.

These two etheric streams begin to wind around each other like the trunks of two trees growing as one. The analogy of the two trees in Eden can be instructive in imagining the way these two streams work together.

The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil represents the stream that develops through spiritualized thinking, a sort of Wisdom of the Gods.

The Tree of Life represents the etheric stream aided by the Cosmic Christ as it wraps around the other stream and helps carry upward the spiritual gifts that humans offer to gods.

The image of these two intertwined trees creates the spiritual reality behind the symbol of Mercury’s caduceus, with the intertwined snakes on the pole or tree. The wings of the caduceus represent the rising etheric stream taking wing. The clairvoyant can clearly see this spiritual caduceus in the human aura as the chakras and glands that take in earthly nutrition, spiritualizing it as nectar and ambrosia for the gods.

As the Holy Grail of nourishment, the pineal gland offers up the spiritualized thinking, feeling, and willing to the gods. They, in turn, reciprocate with cosmic energy flowing into the body through the pituitary gland.

However, the pituitary gland can only receive the cosmic nutrition arising through sense perception if the pineal gland has deposited the crystals that make it possible. If the pineal gland was filled with etherized calcium and there were many spiritual drops in the heart, the human would see the divine in all things.

From this tantric practice, an awakened kundalini force can arise. Then, a rainbow is seen glowing around the two-­petaled brow chakra of the developed aspirant.

However, one must remember that without proper spiritual training, these ancient practices of serpent worship can be very dangerous. If awakened prematurely, this force can cause great psychological damage.

In modern times, it is appropriate that breath exercises not be brought into the realm of waking consciousness but instead follow the breath that comes naturally.
In our modern age, Christ has created the way, the truth, and the life.

  •  The way is the path of moral development that leads to the etherization of the blood.
  •  The truth is the meditative content of the Cosmic Christ and His microcosmic manifestation in each human
  •  The life is the nourishment of the earthly and cosmic nutrition streams.

Our angel helps mitigate the process, and Sophia is active in the process of turning the human into a creative center of spiritual activity, like the Christ working through the sun. The process of serpent worship that utilized the raising of kundalini force has evolved since that time, just as the human body, soul, and spirit have evolved. Even the Tibetan interpretation of tantric practices from India went through a great transformation as they were updated from these ancient practices.In the Tibetan system, the chakras below the heart are combined into one chakra with 64 petals. The stimulation of the channels starts in the heart, not at the base of the spine. Also, the successful aspirant becomes a “rainbow warrior,” because a rainbow can be seen emanating from the pineal gland. It emanates from the top of a tetrahedron that is at the end of the combined channels.In other words, the three channels originate in the heart and end at the pineal gland, a tetrahedron with a rainbow shining around it. This Tibetan clairvoyant view is in harmonious accord with Rudolf Steiner’s descriptions.Just as this etherization occurs in human physiology, so it also happens with the planet Earth. Let’s use the analogy of the aurora borealis, the colorful and illuminated ionized particles of oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen that rise up near the magnetic north pole. This natural phenomenon is similar to the rainbow glow of human light that bathes the pineal gland.

When these ionized particles encounter solar wind, the magnetic breath of the sun, they light up. The glowing oval light rotates around the Earth’s poles like a crown. When strong solar winds arise, they collide with the ionized particles and the rainbow bridge of the Norse Myths, Bifrost, is there for the gods to cross, come to Earth and commune with humans under the World Tree, Yggdrasil. This myth is very telling and worth examining in detail.

In many traditions, the northern territory is referred to as the land of the Hyperboreans, Mount Meru, the Garden of the Hesperides, Eden, the unmoving north, the World Tree, and many other names. When sleeping, all humans pass through this “portal” or “threshold” into the spiritual spheres.

Here is how it works. Each night, the human being leaves her physical and life body (etheric) in the bed. The desire body (astral) and human personality (ego or I) go out through the portal of the north into the spheres of the planetary beings. These beings take the offerings of higher thinking, feeling, and willing as food for the gods and return in like fashion by imbuing the human with nourishment from the spiritual world.

The aurora borealis is the outer manifestation of a spiritual process that demonstrates that humans can ionize material particles into “human light” that rises up to the North Pole, where it occasionally interacts with the breath of the sun, creating fantastic color displays – a wonder of nature.

Human spiritual striving literally turns our planet into a shining star.

One could say that the aurora is one way to depict the moral development of humankind. The aurora is an image of the chakras of humans joining together to create a collective offering of higher morality to the universe.

Like the pineal gland, the North Pole manages the development and nutrition of the chakras. With the unmoving stars above it, it has been seen as a world tree where all the realms come to birth and the stars hang like fruit. It is also seen as a temple, with the pillars being the curtains of aurora borealis rising up around it to protect the sacred realm from non­ spiritual eyes. The dome of the temple is the starry sky. The interior of the temple is filled with dreaming souls who have come there to learn and commune with spiritual beings.

Another analogy that is very helpful is the image of the pineal gland as New Jerusalem, a city foursquare (cube) with twelve gates (the zodiac or twelve cranial nerves) and the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life in the middle with rivers flowing forth.

There in New Jerusalem is the Lamb of God (our higher spirit) awaiting the Virgin Bride (purified soul) for the spiritual wedding (of our soul to our spirit).

This New Jerusalem is a resurrected Garden of Eden that has been redeemed by the efforts of the very humans who were sent forth from Eden. An angel with a fiery sword has barred humans from re­entering Eden. Perhaps the fiery sword is the aurora borealis and the Sacred Northern Land is Eden regained. The challenge now is to rise to the north consciously, encounter this angel, and gain permission to re­enter Eden, making it the New Jerusalem where the wedding to your higher self will be enacted.

Rudolf Steiner has spoken of a super-­etheric realm that surrounds the Earth and is the repository for the perfected human vehicles that great master beings have left behind. He calls it Shamballa, New Jerusalem, the sphere of spiritual economy, and other such names.

The etheric body of the human and the Earth are, therefore, a mirror of the spiritual world and all of creation.

The portal of the north is the direct access point for entering these etheric realms.

Each time an aspirant crosses the threshold of sleep, death, or meditation, he enters this Temple of Wisdom. Here he can access higher forces that can be applied to his personal development.

Each night during sleep, humans stimulate the flow of energy in the etheric streams of the human chakras on a grand scale. In the occult physiology of the human being, the microcosmic forces of the Earth are at play. The stream of color rising from the heart to the pineal gland is very similar to the ionized particles rising from the Earth’s core to the North Pole. It is as if one is an expression of the other – the external mirrors the internal, and vice versa.

Both etheric streams existed before Christ was incarnated, but they were greatly enhanced when His own etheric blood was given to humans. His gifts have enlivened both the human earthly and cosmic nutrition streams by adding another etheric stream fired by His cosmic deed.

Through Christ’s deed at Golgotha, the Earth has grown from a planet into a budding star. We witness this in the aurora borealis.

On this side of the threshold, we can see the Archangel Michael’s fiery sword in the aurora borealis. On the other side, we find the Halls of Learning, the Temple of Wisdom that is the reflection of the Cosmic Christ and the Being of Wisdom, Sophia, working together to create a spiritual future for humanity.

It is this City Foursquare that we all rise up to inhabit as we spiritually develop. Through the Christ Deed of spiritualizing our thinking, feeling, and willing into sense-­free Imagination, Inspiration, and Intuition, we create our offering of nectar and ambrosia for the gods. By understanding the Cosmic Wisdom of Christ and Sophia, we open ourselves to receive the nourishment that our spirits need to evolve.

Whichever spiritual tradition you use to perceive it, the etherization of the blood is one of the most sublime processes ever experienced by humankind. It is the means by which we exchange earthly and cosmic nourishment with spiritual beings of higher realms. As a deeply internal biological and spiritual communion with vast external forces, etherization results in the creation of the most precious resource of all – the rose-­colored drops within our heart that display our spiritual worth to all who can see – and most importantly, to ourselves.

This is an excerpt from The Gospel of Sophia: A Modern Path of Initiation, by Tyla Gabriel, which will be released on Amazon in January 2016. It is reprinted with the author’s permission and may be circulated by the readers of www.cosmicconvergence.org with this authorship statement attached. For more information on the The Gospel of Sophia trilogy and the Our Spirit project, please visit www.ourspirit.com

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