Three Essential Morning Practices — EVERYDAY!

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All of us here at Radiant Living perform the following daily practices each and every day.

Some may already do one or two of these, and others may never do them; but be aware that by incorporating them into your morning routine you will feel better and enjoy a heightened wellness. Your constitutional health, particularly, will benefit from these three simple detox practices.

I. Scrape your tongue with a tongue scraper

II. Drink 1/2 to 1 cup of warm water after brushing your teeth

III. Wash your feet, if you don’t take a morning shower

Although they may sound too simple or odd, these three regular habits are essential toward maintaining good health.  

Tongue Scraping:

Tongue scraping removes the nightly accumulations of toxins which inevitably coat the morning tongue. Don’t brush them off as they will only be pushed into the the top layer of the tongue.

If the tongue is coated with a white film in the morning it is a sign of the accumulation of ama in the small intestine, large intestine or stomach. The location on the tongue will indicate what parts of the GI tract are dealing with the most ama*

*Ama “is the sticky waste-product of digestion that builds up in the digestive tract when your digestion is either weak or overloaded with the wrong foods. If ama is not cleared from the body and continues to build up, eventually it can leave the digestive tract and start circulating through the body.” (Per “Eliminating Impurities From Our Bodies” by Rama Kant Mishra @ – Holistic Healing)


Tongue Scraper

Drink at least one half cup of warm water (upon rising but after mouth cleansing):

Water is the universal solvent and as it wends its way through the digestive tract it will, particularly on an empty stomach, dissolve small GI deposits which have formed during the inactivity of a night’s sleep. It also serves to break your fast (that’s why it’s called “breakfast”) in a very gentle way, since you are breaking your overnite fast. This essential daily practice will perform many other important functions such as flush out your kidneys which may have developed small accumulations (e.g calcium deposits) overnight.

By taking warm water in the morning the entire gastrointestinal tract undergoes a thorough cleansing. It will also trigger peristalsis which will then serve to maintain bowel regularity. Regular and thorough bowel movement is a key to maintaining optimal health, and drinking warm water first thing in the morning will help ensure that the urge always comes on time.

Wash your feet:

For those of us in the West this may seem a little strange but when you understand what happens to the human body when it sleeps at night, you will take up this practice very seriously.

In Ayurveda it is known that the body goes through a major renewal and rejuvenation during a night’s sleep*. Throughout the various processes the body gets rid of a lot of toxins and wastes. This also occurs on a more subtle and energetic level. In that case the feet become the location where the body both accumulates and rids itself of this sloughed off energies.

The bottom of the feet are precisely mapped out according to foot reflexology and the meridians which pass through each point show where this energy exits the body. In cultures like India there are certain religious traditions in which it is generally understood that one never sits with his or her legs outstretched and feet pointing at another person.

*It is even said that the body figuratively ‘dies’ at night when it goes into deep sleep, as this is when the most profound healing occurs. This nightly process always produces its own form of waste products, which ought to be discharged from the body asap each and every morning.

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That is exactly what this coaching session is about – releasing what we do not want to carry around with us as we confront a new day.
We really do want to be free of the dross that forms from the previous day’s activity and all the byproducts which are inevitably created as we deal with life’s pressures and stress.

In fact it is the mental and emotional stresses which can cause most of the blockages in our physical tissues and organs which we really ought to release on a regular basis.  As we  systematically remove them through our lifestyle practices and routines, we remain clear on every level of our being.

May you enjoy great health!
The Health Coach

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