The Best Body Cream In Creation: Cow Cream

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This little piece is for the ultra-sensitive, thin-skinned, sun-damaged bodies among us who have bought every product on the market, tried every homemade lotion and engaged every lifestyle possible to repair and heal their dry, red or wrinkling skin.

We’re not saying it’s a panacea by any means; just a good ole fashioned tip … from The Health Coach.

Before we commence, we owe a debt of gratitude to Cleopatra. Cleopatra VII Philopator of Egypt, that is. You remember, she lived from late 69 BC until August 12, 30 BC and was the last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt and had a child with Julius Caesar.

There is much written about her and especially her extraordinary healing abilities and command of health knowledge. In such high regard was she held that her people considered her a reincarnation of ISIS, perhaps the greatest deity of healing across all traditions over several millennia.  

Some of the many books about Cleopatra speak directly to her health habits and daily wellness routine. In fact she was known to take baths in milk and use real cream on her skin.

Cream from a cow

That’s the secret!

We have used real organic cow’s cream for years here at the “home clinic”. It has been used on a number of different skin conditions with varying degrees of success.

The most successful ‘quasi clinical trial’ was conducted on the notorious lupus malar rash which is a distinguishing symptom of Lupus erythematosus. Here’s a photo so that you can see how discomfiting and challenging this skin condition can be.

Not a pretty picture, and quite painful for our clients who suffer from this rather intractable condition.

However, as soon as real cow’s cream was applied to the skin with a lupus rash, we saw an immediate improvement. With continued use of the cream, the facial skin gets more and more supple, smooth and returns to its normal color. In short order the lupus rash eventually appeared completely healed.

Lupus rash on face

Is it possible that the original cream was cow’s cream or water buffalo’s cream or goat’s cream? You betcha! That’s exactly what it was, and what it ought to be today.

As usual the corporate marketing machine has so flooded the marketplace with processed synthetic cream that we all forgot about the original cream of ancient lore – cream from the udder of the cow. Once again, nature’s best remedies are those that endure the test of time and the competition of weak substitutes produced in factories.

Caveat concerning manufactured creams and lotions:
If you can’t eat your cream or lotion or ointment you probably shouldn’t rub them on your body so liberally. The skin is the largest organ of the body and quite absorptive. Many different medicines are now delivered by way of transdermal patches so efficient is the skin. Especially because such delivery systems bypass the catabolic processes of the digestive process which break down many of the therapeutic ingredients of medicine, the skin is used more and more to get the full dosage properly delivered.
The upshot of this discussion is that you really want to know what you’re rubbing into your skin just as you want to know what you’re putting into your mouth. This is not a case of where ignorance is bliss. So, it behooves us to check out the ingredients of our creams and lotions as religiously as food labels.
“We are what we eat and drink, as well as what we apply to our skin, hair, teeth and nails.”

With every good wish,
The Health Coach

Directions for use as a facial cream:
Apply 2 tsp of organic cream to a clean, dry face and throat.
Let sit for 10 minutes or so.
Rinse with water only.
A slightly oily feeling should remain on face.
Use twice daily.

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"I chew a lot of grass to make the best cream in the world."

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