Overview: Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Pisces – March 8th, 2016

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On March 8th, 2016, there is a Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Pisces. The Sun and Moon unite in the ethereal sign of Pisces. Pisces is a water element and a mutable mode of energy. The sign of Pisces attuned one to the other worldly, Spiritual and mystical realms. One of the ways to flow with this symbolism and energy is to be by water such as a river, Ocean, or the sea, waterfall or a good soak in a bathtub with sea salts. There may be a feeling or need to simply be than keep pushing to do and accomplish during this time.

There is a natural intuitiveness to this astrological sign of Pisces. This gentle water sign is attuned to the Cosmic particles and perhaps feels the suffering of the masses from human to animal to Earth to other kingdoms through subtle energy. At times, this evokes great compassion within the individual. Whilst other times it pulls one into a cavern of depression, gloom and escapism simply to numb out the gamut of feelings and energies that are floating about.

One key during the New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Pisces is “Beingness.” Pisces is a more private quiet astrological sign. It tends to dwell in its sacred sanctuary seeking inspiration and desiring to feel the nuances. The New Moon in Pisces tends to invite you to do the same. Find your sacred sanctuary and renew yourself fully now. Then you will be able to take action and bring the beauty, gentleness and compassion into the physical world.

Although this particular New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Pisces may not feel as light and joyful, there are some serious opportunities for new beginnings to remove what is inhibiting joy and happiness and ensure that those qualities expand and grow over the next twelve months as this Solar Eclipse energy and symbolism unfold within consciousness.

“As the Ocean tides ebb and flow, the inner rhythms of your feelings move in harmony to this flow. Spiritual Waters nourish the parts within that are dry, empty or are withering away. It refills the inner cup and provides plenty. Inspirations overflow. Fears wash away and move out into the far distance. Love fills the spaces where you are uncertain. Step into a deeper level of commitment now, for what you will see down the road will bring about a certain fulfillment. What the physical eyes sees is one thing, what the Soul knows is another thing. Now is the time to move with the rhythm of the Tides, for you are a part of the whole and the whole of existence is a part of you. Feel this love. It is endless and complete.”

Since this New Moon in Pisces is also combined with the potency of a Total Solar Eclipse, there may be super-energized ultra sensitivity being experienced during this time.

Solar Eclipse in astrology symbolizes at its potential, super charged new beginnings with clarity (Solar light or conscious awareness) highlighting relevant theme which is focused on Pisces this time. It is important to be in touch with feelings, Spirituality, peace, compassion and the ethereal. Surrender is a big theme. Surrender the guilt. Surrender the resentment. Surrender that which holds love at bay. Solar Eclipses are nothing to fear. It best to refrain from being superstitious during this time. In fact, I would suggest they are a wonderful symbolism to remind us how to shed ignorance and expand conscious awareness. There is more to life than the illusions that are cast out in the world.

The Solar Eclipse symbolism adds to the New Moon energy in that it tends to doubles the focus of new beginnings. Consider it a fresh clean slate to embark on a new adventure of some kind, more than likely a Spiritual endeavor or something to do with expanding feelings and compassion. The New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces with other astrological factors that weigh in on the message at this time, has a very serious emphasis on “allowing healing on all levels.”

You may sense the energies building momentum about 3 to 4 days out. For some people who are really attuned they feel it about a week in advance. Animals certainly sense the energy well in advance too. So pay attention to the important issues that come up as well as opportunities to forgive and heal. Find constructive ways to let go of worry, restlessness and anxiety. All that is like debris floating on the waters of Life. By turning within and feeling the rich fertile energies of compassion, creativity and joy,  by choice you are able to express it externally in your life.

Astrological Configurations happening now:

The Sun and Moon in Pisces makes a conjunction to Chiron in Pisces and a ‘dynamic T-square’ aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Virgo (trine transiting Uranus in Aries).

What is the potential? A driving concentrated serious energy to heal deeply ingrained patterns and let go of limited beliefs, guilt and inadequacy that prevent you from moving forward. And the ability to adapt to changes or shift gears easily to make adjustments. Emotional and physical healing is essential now all to help you return to peace that you are. Pay attention to particulars and be precise with your choices to heal, grow and transform. Make sure you are realistic about what you are choosing to do next.

At least one specific area will require your full concentration now. It will feel compact and feel like there is a gravitational pull towards it.  It will not be hard to miss. Also, happening there may be a feeling of internal scattered spacey sensation, powerful irritations or agitation arising to provide insight on power and powerlessness. You may feel weighed down to touch the Earth with your feet as to make the choices with integrity and a new heart-felt commitment.

At the same time the emphasis on healing  separation from the Divine to remember your wholeness as Soul. Some patterns are magnified now and this is helpful. Many individuals may feel the urgency to surrender old pain as to feel lighter and experience profound new beginnings which begin on a Spiritual level and ultimately manifest physically in some capacity. The need to have faith in the bigger or Cosmic picture is incredibly important now.

Eclipses occur in pairs. The one following is a Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Libra. It would be best to attend to the details of this one and then know that there will be major turning points in relationships of all kinds not just to people, to animals, the body, career/job, Earth, God/Divine and so forth. All…types of relationships. One way of being and relating is ending and a new way will be birth. More on the Lunar Eclipse in Libra in another article soon.

Suggestion for Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Pisces Intention:
“I AM a conscious Being full of love and compassion”
“I AM moving with gentleness and grace”
“I AM the formless and form combined”

The New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Pisces brings forth a beautiful message. It is one that reminds each to know yourself as a non-physical Spiritual Being living upon the Earth experiencing a variety of things. It offers the reminder to forgive and move forward with compassion and grace. Life upon the Earth is changing like the tides in the Ocean, an ebb and flow. There are new opportunities arising to deepen faith and commitment to the bigger picture of your life. The New Moon in Pisces suggests embody and be the qualities.

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