How BioGeometry Can Be Used to Mitigate EMF Pollution

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Dr. Ibrahim Karim offers BioGeometry advice to Free Energy companies to mitigate EMF pollution

We need to stop ignoring the EMF pollution effects from the technologies with which we are involved. A Canadian-Egyptian professor has spent 40 years studying and coming up with remedies for this pollution. It can be a simple as placing a geometrically-encoded sticker on a cell phone or on an energy device.

Back To a Future for Mankind

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

While modern civilization has been mostly good about reducing the various kinds of pollutions we’ve produced, there is one form of pollution — electromagnet field (hereafter “EMF”) — that has been drastically increasing over time. The typical car, for example has more than 30 sources of EMF — and much more in hybrids — from the controlling motors in the seats, to the window controls, etc. — not to mention the cell phones we place next to our brain by the ear where there is an opening in the skull, allowing for increased damage to the brain tissue from that exposure.

Yesterday, I had a fascinating interview with Dr. Ibrahim Karim of as part of my show on the Rense Radio network. He addressed 1) this problem of increasing electromagnetic pollution in our environment, and 2) some solutions he has developed over the past 40 years using geometric shapes to neutralize EMF radiation. According to Dr. Karim, the solution is as simple as having a certain geometric shape on a pendant, or on a cube in a room inside a house. Or it can be accomplished by playing a “silent CD” that airs similar effects to neutralize the EMF. He has a sticker you can attach to your cell phone to neutralize its damaging effects.

According to the review of one of his books:

BioGeometry is the science that uses shapes, colors, motion and sound to induce harmony into the subtle energy qualities of the environment. At the core of this harmony is a subtle energy quality found in the transcendental centers of the forming process of nature and is the main quality in sacred power spots of humanity that give a spiritual dimension to the timeless monuments erected since the dawn of humanity.

While this might sound hokey (like some of you view Alphabetics), it makes sense if you just think about it. This all pertains to harmonics and frequencies. We all know and appreciate that shape determines frequency. The length and tension of a wire/string on a piano determines it’s pitch when struck. A “singing bowl” frequency is determined by its shape and material. Ditto for bells. It’s frequency. And EMF damage is a function of frequency. While BioGeometry doesn’t directly affect the frequency, apparently, proper shapes can add a harmonizing quality to the wave.

As a professor teaching at several universities, Dr. Karim has done a wide array of scientific studies, including with animals (removing the placebo effect) showing vast improvement. He has implemented his solutions in Switzerland at the request of the Swiss government. In the rural town of Hemberg; people with electro-sensitivity found relief, people with epilepsy saw a vast reduction in the number and severity of seizures, wild animals that had left the area returned. (Story) Dr. Karim was offered a contract to implement this in all of Switzerland, but a move to Canada has postponed its implementation.

Dr. Karim said that in Canada, over a year, they have produced anti-biotic-free chickens; enabling, industrial scale, enclosed chickens; by the placement of certain geometrical shapes. He’s also done similar tests with cows. As a vegan, I must say that I’m opposed to the practices of factory farming that treat animals as though they have no feelings or sentience — cramming them into small enclosures without thought for their comfort and mental well being.

Here’s a link to a PDF document, BioGeometry Today, that Dr. Karim’s associate sent me in preparation for our interview, giving a two-page overview of the science and of his credentials.

Here are some links from his website:

His background is in architecture; and he has 40 pages of instructional material in the appendices of his book, Back to a Future for Mankind: BioGeometry, that instructs architects how to implement these design features into their structures so as to negate the EMF pollution.

I asked him if his entity,, would consider consulting with free energy technology companies to evaluate the EMF pollution they emit and to affix a counteracting geometric shape to negate that effect. This could be as simple as affixing a sticker to every device sold. He replied with a resounding affirmative; saying they have considered adding a tab on their website promoting this offer. It wouldn’t be free, but it certainly would be worth the minimal cost it would incur to have this analysis and provide a built-in remedy for the customer. He wished that all technology companies would do this. Wouldn’t it be nice if your iPhone came from the factory with such a sticker inside it, not externally applied, after market, where it is vulnerable to peeling off.

His company is even willing to work with companies to show the effects using any biofeedback or medical device that they wish to use.

Here’s our interview:

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