ANGER: Its Proper Expression and Resolution

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Sprirtual Insights and Predictions July 2016

by Joni Patry
Galactic Center

I want to extend my heartfelt condolences to my dear friends in Turkey as this recent attack has saddened me deeply and so many others around the world.

This past month was devastating for the world as many acts of violence cause the world to tense up with fear. The nightclub shootings in Orlando and the Turkish terrorist attack have many shaking their heads in disbelief and many more acts of violence will continue. The astrological signatures for violence are here to stay through out the end of this year.

Why is there so much violence around the world now?

June 29 Mars is stationing before it turns direct. Furthermore, Uranus has just changed signs into Aries indicating abrupt and sudden explosions as it is quincunx Mars (8/6 relationship). As Mars stands still it produces war and violence and at this time there was the terrorist attack in Istanbul at the Ataturk airport where I have frequented so many times. I have said directly in my writing for 2016 that Turkey will be the hot spot where the radical shift will begin. This is where humanity began and will have a major part in the eventual healing of this destructive and transformational cycle.

Violence is magnifying with increasing anger. Mars is anger and anger is what gets things moving fast. Our fears are turning into anger. We cannot be quiet on the views and beliefs we have concerning the problems our world faces. Be aware we are in a cycle of extreme revolution and radical change is on its way. But what is the solution?

Anger is not a bad thing for it gets us to kick into action. The worse thing we can do is to let anger brew and fester and not let it out. It may bring very uncomfortable feelings but it is apart of healing and necessary. There are no emotions that are bad they are just a process and a part of healing. If you are angry you must express it.

I am angry that terrorist groups keep attacking innocent people around the world.
Every time we travel anywhere it is getting more and more inconvenient and of course dangerous. The world feels unsafe because of terrorist. It is dominating the world and will be apart of our own elections in the US. But keep all eyes on Turkey because it is going to have an affect on the direction the world takes soon.

No matter what you are angry about you must express it. It does not have to be violent, it can be a civil, but these feelings must come out. As a catharsis for our planet we have to express our bottled up feelings. This is at the core of the violent attacks running rampant across the world. Our inner repressed anger is being expressed through these worldwide events. Remember what is occurring on the outside world is a reflection of what is occurring inwardly in all of us.

Since so much emotion is bottled up in all of us we must find a healing way to express our feelings without destroying the world. All of us have a right to the way we feel. These feelings are justified through our past and outlook in our lives. We just need to make sense of these feeling and gain control in our lives. We can no longer let our anger and fear direct and control our lives. We must take back our control and this only comes through recognizing our fears and especially our anger.

Let us all get to the core of our anger and begin a healing process. This cannot occur overnight in an instant. But here is a beginning. A new cycle of the Moon begins on July 4th (America’s Independence day) with a New moon. Take time to contemplate quietly what makes you angry and write all these feelings down. Realize the anger is brewing because you are not doing anything about what makes you mad. It is easy to direct your anger at the political leaders in the world but this is not where the anger is actually originating in your life and doing so is not taking the responsibility for what is at the core of your anger.

Take a close look at what makes you angry and instead of blaming others try to understand how you had a part in creating your anger. This takes great courage but it is the only way you can resolve this issue.

For this exercise continue to write what you are angry about for two weeks and at the time of the full Moon read over all of your writings and you will see a recurring theme. It is the issue that must be resolved. At the time of the full Moon we can see more clearly. The light illuminates the darkness and our shadows.  During the waning moon (from full to a New Moon) you must put into action what you can do to resolve your issues of anger. Mainly not blaming others and acceptance of the conditions you have unconsciously created. Consciously doing the work that improves your condition and ends the blame game will change your life. If you want to heal your life and have an effect on the world you must first start will changing your own life. To resolve your anger will have the most powerful effect on your life and on the world. If you can come to a place of peace this will reverberate outwardly to the world.

Sometimes things have to come to a head to be healed and this is exactly what is occurring right now in the world and in our lives individually. Now is the time astrologically to use the power of Mars to address our inner anger to heal the world’s anger.