What Did The Ascended Masters Eat?

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RECIPE: St. Germain Inspired Oatmeal

By Tyla Gabriel, ND

It is told by a few of his students that the Comte de St. Germain knew the secret of the elixir of life which was why he appeared to live through many ages. Others said that his special diet of oatmeal and roasted chicken, with a bit of cooked grains, was the secret to his perpetual appearance of youth. He was never seen to eat in public, or drink alcohol or smoke tobacco. Perhaps his simple diet had something to do with his longevity and apparent mastery over aging. Whatever the truth may be, it is certainly advantageous to learn from the indications of his simple diet. With St. Germain as our inspiration, we offer our readers a recipe for St. Germain Inspired Oatmeal.

Using the principals and protocols recommended in the Ascension Sacraments for the Earthly and Cosmic Nutrition Diet found at Our Spirit. The reader can see the esoteric and nutritional reasons why such a diet might have given St. Germain his youthful appearance.

Our St. Germain Inspired Oatmeal, which makes a filing breakfast or an evening snack, has the following ingredients: raw oats, gelatin, Brazil nuts, almond milk, Himalayan salt, and optional fresh fruit. Let’s examine the properties of each:

Raw Oats

Oats are one of the best grain sources of silica, followed by millet, wheat germ, and barley. Grains are rich in silica, a mineral needed for healthy nails, hair, and skin. Silica is known as the youth mineral as its abundance brings youthfulness and flexibility to an organism. This mineral, which creates the collagen in our bodies, literally holds us together and without it we would fall apart. As we age, we begin to loose silica and the aging process becomes evident. As we age, it is important to make sure our diets contain plenty of silica which forms healthy collagen throughout the body.

Oats are also rich in selenium which provides a natural source of daily Omega 6s. We presented the case for selenium in the ASCEND lesson Octave 1.5.

Note: We do not use instant oats in our recipe as the silica and enzyme quality is significantly diminished when the grain is crushed and processed. Use raw, organic, rolled oats for best results.

Brazil Nuts

Our recipe includes Brazil nuts so that we get our daily allowance of natural selenium. In Octave 1.5 we recommended that you eat at least 3 brazil nuts a day. Brazil nuts also have one of the highest contents of silica of all nuts. Other nuts containing silica are almonds, walnuts, and pistachios.


In later lessons in Octave 2, we will be discovering the importance of amino acids in the process of dietary ascension. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and essential for the growth, development, and health.  Twenty percent of the body is made of protein and needs amino acids to continue to develop new cells. Essential amino acids cannot be made by the body and must come from the foods we eat, the best source coming from animal protein.

St. Germain was known to eat roasted chicken meat and suck on the bones, all of which are packed full of amino acids. Animal bones provide not only amino acids, but they are rich in (silica) collagen; hence bone broth soup has been the healing secret of many grandmothers and naturopaths around the world throughout all ages. Bone broth soup boasts the immunity system, fights inflammation, strengthens the bones, muscles, and joints. As the old proverb goes, “good broth will resurrect the dead.”

Our recipe uses collagen in the form of gelatin which can be sprinkled on top of the oatmeal before it cooked. We recommend using the healthiest version of gelatin that you can find. We use Great Lakes Gelatin in the orange container. Click on the link to see what might be a comparable brand in your country.

Almond milk

In our lesson Activate White Blood Cells to Become Ascension Cells, we explained how important it is to nourish the bone marrow so that the body produces plenty of white blood cells.  A calcium-rich diet is needed to feed the bone marrow, which Octave 1.8 lesson reviews. Almond and hemp milk are great sources of non-dairy calcium. The balance of silica and calcium is important to the ascension process as we point out in Octave 1.8 lesson.

Himalayan salt

In the first ASCEND lesson, Octave 1.1, we described the importance of adding Himalayan salt to your diet. The essential and trace metals and minerals found in Himalayan salt is important for activating the enzymes in the oats, amino acids, fruit, and nuts. As described in Octave 1.3– the Hara Chakra, and on our website, enzymes are the bridge to the spiritual world.

Fruits and other toppings

Top off your oatmeal dish with fruits and nuts of your choice. Silica is found in most fruits and vegetables, the highest silica content being found in strawberries, followed by plums (prunes), apples, and oranges. Chia seeds are loaded with calcium and silica and make a nutritious topping. Experiment with other toppings like wheat germ, blueberries or raspberries, applesauce, bananas, toasted cashews or pecans, bee pollen, raisins, cinnamon, or eggs….or a combination of any of these.

  Click here for a PDF version of THE RECIPE

When we look at the idea of St. Germain’s diet we also find in some versions that he added cooked grains now and then. Grains carry the signatures of the seven planets found in spiritual correspondences that also relate to the seven chakras that are involved in the cosmic and earthly nutrition stream. Each of the seven foundational grains are related to a planet, a day of the week, a metal, and one of the seven principal organs. These in turn are also associated with and linked to the seven principal chakras.

Perhaps St. Germain was “onto something” with his diet rich in metals/minerals, silica, enzymes and amino acids. When it is said that he occasionally cooked grains, perhaps we should add the last “secret” to the indications we have about his diet – He always ate “rhythmically.” We don’t know exactly what that means entirely, but we can assume that it meant “eat a simple diet on a regular schedule.” Some followers of this diet go so far as to say that to rhythmically eat means to eat a different grain on the prescribed days that relate to the days of the week and the planets.  This idea incorporates the variety of grains while making them “rhythmical” by aligning each grain to a day of the week.

We offer below a chart of the correspondences related to grains:


Grain            Planet             Metal                Day                Organ                      

Wheat             Sun                 Gold                Sunday           Heart

Rice                Moon              Silver               Monday          Genitals

Barley             Mars                Iron                 Tuesday         Gall Bladder

Millet              Mercury          Mercury           Wednesday     Lungs

Rye                 Jupiter           Tin                   Thursday          Liver

Oats                Venus           Copper              Friday             Kidneys

Corn               Saturn            Lead               Saturday              Spleen


To complete the picture of how grains, planets, and metals relate to the chakras we offer below a simplistic diagrammatical representation of the principal chakras as they correlate to their planetary associations.  These preliminary ideas can be filled out with many more elements but a simple view of the dynamics is most instructive.

As we have seen through the seven stages of ascent involved in the ASCEND Diet, each chakra relates to another stage of development that brings one into alignment with the worlds inside and outside of us.  Each chakra is enhanced through the recommendations of the Diet and has multiple ramifications in the physical body, the etheric body, astral body and ultimately the ego or “I Am” awareness of the individual.

Once the person on the diet starts ascending up the chakras, from Foundation to Crown, certain levels of mastery over the elemental world begin to develop along with the accompanying consciousness. Ascending the ladder of the chakras is also an ascent through the kingdoms of nature – elemental kingdoms below us and hierarchical kingdoms above our standard waking consciousness. This path of ascent builds on the consciousness below us as we master our own “bodies” that relate to the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms. The very substances that we know to be the catalysts of ascension are found in the elements of digestion, through carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen which are the foundations of the lower kingdoms of nature and the elemental kingdoms through enzymes and amino acids.  We transform these elements to create ionized versions of the elements that enkindle the chakras from the heart to the crown.

As we learn to burn these four elements of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen we are actually transforming substance into spirit; we are digesting the kingdoms of nature around us and offering it back to the spiritual realms from whence they fell.

Through heighten sense perception and thinking, the heart can begin the process of taking in and redeeming the fallen gifts of the spiritual world that we call the material realm.

Through transformed thinking, feeling and willing, the striving aspirant on the path of ascension can move into the higher realms of consciousness that come with ascension.

This path leads the aspirant into the realms, or kingdoms, of the higher hierarchical beings above us that work through the heart, throat, brow and crown chakras. As we ascend into these higher chakras, we are actually ascending into higher realms where the hierarchies of the angels, archangels and archai dwell.  As we transform the lower kingdoms, the higher kingdoms receive our gifts as nourishment, earthly nutrition that has been made cosmic. And as we consume the lower kingdoms offerings of nourishment, we offer the transformed elements of consciousness as food for the angels and the higher hierarchies.

 Below is a chart of the correspondences relating the chakras to the sevenfold components of the human constitution, the kingdoms of beings, elements and planets. We can note that there are kingdoms of hierarchical beings above the human realm. We have listed the next three ranks of hierarchies above the Archai and there are, in fact, three more beyond them. We can also see the elemental beings listed that are “below” the human being. This chart reminds us that we are surrounding by beings that are supersensible that may be above or below our standard waking consciousness.


Spirits of Wisdom

Spirits of Movement

Spirts of Form


Chakra           Bodies                 Kingdoms             Elements            Planet

Crown            Spirit Human            Archai                  Intuition              Saturn

Brow               Life Spirit               Archangels             Inspiration          Jupiter

Throat             Spirit Self                Angels                 Imagination         Mars

Heart                Ego                       Human                  Hydrogen            Sun

Hara                Astral                     Animal                   Nitrogen            Venus

Genitals           Etheric                   Plant                      Oxygen             Mercury

Foundation      Physical                Mineral                    Carbon                Moon


Salamanders    Fire Elementals

Slyphs               Air Elementals

Undines           Water Elementals

Gnomes          Earth Elementals


So it seems that St. Germain’s ideas about food might be well founded in practical spiritual knowledge about the proper constituents needed for a good diet. Perhaps we may not be able to completely fathom all of the profound connections that eating oatmeal, roasted chicken and cooked grains brings into alignment, but we can take to heart the idea that a simple diet that is eaten rhythmically may be quite beneficial to the aspirant who wishes to ascend through the chakras. St. Germain Inspired Oatmeal recipe can remind us of the ultimate the goal of transforming the elements of the lower worlds into the higher elements that feed higher worlds. Through this process, the pineal and pituitary glands gain the silica and calcium they need to make the crown chakra into a spiritual altar that offers human spiritual food to the gods and receives heavenly food in response.

We feed the gods and the gods feed us in return.

This will go a long way in helping the forces of ascension arise from the food we eat and the lifestyle we live.

For those interested in an overview of the Ascension Sacraments for the Cosmic and Earthly Nutrition Diet, please see this newsletter HERE that reviews the key compnents of the first Octave of the diet. Or visit our ASCEND page on our website at Our Spirit.