Sophia: Self Revelation from the Mother of Wisdom

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The Nature of Sophia

   A mystery of unity and integrity runs through the visible and invisible worlds. Rich with fertility and fruitfulness, acting as the Mother of all, this great mystery is known as Wisdom or Sophia. As a spiritual being, Her inexhaustible sweetness and purity is the very fountain of love and joy. With grace and humility, She generates a silent gentleness from the unseen root of all creation that flows tenderly between all things. She, Sophia, is my own being, my own nature of thought and breath, my sister spirit who speaks to me. Her voice awakens me from my slumber.  With her whispers, I am born anew from Her deep womb. 

   Her soft voice rouses me from dreams. The unity of the spiritual world calls me from the separate self, which is so alone and isolated in the gravity and suffering of this Earth, this grave. Her voice breaks the spell of Eden. I am suddenly cast out seeking Her face everywhere as my beloved. 

   The kiss of Eve transforms into the blessing of Sophia. The wisdom of the ages has progressed from Time’s dawn into the future destiny of paradise regained. Sophia speaks to all who will listen. The small. The innocent. The humble. Into Her loving arms each night we entrust our very life, and each new day She awakens us with spirit refreshed. 

    Sophia takes our hand and leads us across the threshold between waking and sleep. Then, She returns us to the dawn mist of a new day where acts of creation are present everywhere around us as a reminder of Her workings. 

   Sophia is so close. She seems like our own flesh and blood, our divine breath.  Her mercy receives us as Her child, precious beyond imagination. As Nature, like the greatest of trees, She incarnates to stand over us as a canopy of shelter for the budding self. 

   Oh Sophia, Great Goddess of Wisdom, you speak through everything, yet are so silent in the waking world. When I wake, your visage becomes blurred. You wither into a dream where I weigh myself against the world. 

    Difficult it is to hear the subtle whisper of mercy and grace unless our senses have been awakened in dreams to break through matter’s delusions. When we abandon ourselves to sweet sleep in the arms of Sophia, She will awaken us to Her wonders.  Her tenderness will draw forth the love of all others, and moral heart-flames will bathe the soul. 

   Then, even in daylight, we will see the pure simplicity that all is One consciousness, a single ongoing force spreading throughout the world as Wisdom that embraces everything as offspring of a loving Mother. 

   The heavenly world rejoices at the awakening of a soul that receives the light of spirit into the clear silence of the heart. It calls us to adorn ourselves with the eternal. Sophia speaks to us among the myriad distractions of the world as One voice. We must hear Her. Light has fallen to the earth. Her children return this light to heaven by deeds of moral love: light from light, love from love. 

   Sophia tends Her children like a garden, always attentive and protective of new growth that blossoms into fruit.  The kindest, most loving gardener imaginable, She reveals the glory and power of Her children to grow unshakably towards the light. At the same time, She also is the fertile darkness of the soil from which life springs eternal, an unknown mystery that sprouts seeds into magnificent forms. 

   In time, She brings forth creation, death, and rebirth in the natural world. This miracle alone demands awe, wonder, and reverence. Such a great Queen, Her Throne is the fulcrum of creation where all things find their center, their true orientation. 

   Only the humblest heart can be open and empty enough to receive Her presence, the sustaining pulse of all created worlds. Hidden and protected from the profane, She is naked and transparent to the humble one – for his self, through Her, stands visible and tangible. The admixture of Sophia’s wisdom and the developing spiritual self are intertwined into One tree with leaves of devotion reaching for the light of Christ. 

   Sophia is the gardener who tends the seeds that will blossom into a promise of our higher self – the one that Christ gave us. More tender and precious is this fruit of the spirit to Sophia than any other. Humans were created from nothingness in the timeless realm of Wisdom. Therefore, we are the aim of all creation. Through conscious self-development, we can realize that fully. 

   With Sophia’s help, the human bodily constitution becomes the altar and laboratory of conscious spiritual development. Each time we experience Wisdom’s message through Sophia, we discover revelation in ourselves. 

   Sophia plays with Her children in the world through seen and unseen manners. She calls forth Her qualities:

~  Wisdom

~  Consciousness

~  Revelation

~  Humility

~  Meekness

~  Kindness

~  Purity

~  Mercy

~  Tenderness

~  Light

~  Life

~  Eternal love 

  In this way, She teaches us how to mirror the spirit. With Her guiding wisdom, we reflect the spontaneous participation of the human and divine in a wedding feast of soul to spirit. 

   Sophia exists in everything, just as air receives sunlight, delivering life to all in need. As a grail-offering of spiritual love, She unites all things. Knowing Her is to know communion of the spirit, to celebrate a thanksgiving of vitality, forever glorious. She, too, is filled with gratitude that all wise creatures praise Her name. 

   We are all invited to this spiritual wedding of Sophia to Christ. It is our own wedding. This feast is the undying source of creative Imaginations. It leads to radiant splendor and nourishing life in the etheric body of the human and the Earth. The marriage is a heavenly gift of light, life, and love that replenishes dying etheric bodies. As death is conquered, Nature is renewed through this alchemical marriage of the Queen to the King, our soul to our spirit – and immortality is born. As a source of mercy and grace, this is given to the striving aspirant to feed his spiritual hunger and thirst. 

   Sophia helps us cleanse our soul to be ready for this alchemical feast wherein we are also taught to forgive, a truly divine quality. Love and forgiveness become the well-spring of the fountain of mercy and grace. This Fountain of Life can overturn darkness into light, gravity into levity.  When divine fountains begin to spring forth in our soul, we become co-creators with Sophia, transforming our former self into a brilliant radiance that sheds the weight of praise and blame, along with all earthly desires. 

   Mary-Sophia is the one created being who perfectly embodies the hidden Sophia in her soul. She is a personal manifestation of Sophia. In her nature alights the purest mother, the origin of a divine birth. 

  As Wisdom, Mary-Sophia has become perfect purity, prudence, love, power, and divine wisdom through mercy. She is sadness and joy redeemed through spiritual consciousness. It is she that places the crown upon Christ’s head, enabling the gifts of the Cosmic Word to enter human nature. Through her embodiment of wisdom, freedom and love, Mary-Sophia anoints Christ with the glorious crown of suffering, humility, and kindness. This is the mysterious conjunction of the human with the divine, and the enduring model for all human spiritual development.

This is an excerpt from The Gospel of Sophia: A Modern Path of Initiation, by Tyla Gabriel, which will be released on Amazon in January 2016.  It is reprinted with the author’s permission and may be circulated by the readers of with this authorship statement attached. For more information on The Gospel of Sophia trilogy and the Our Spirit project, please visit