October 8, 2014 Lunar Eclipse

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October 8, 2014 Lunar Eclipse

by  on OCTOBER 5, 2014



The 2014 eclipses are happening in pairs – on the new Moon and the full Moon in April and October. The October 8, 2014 total lunar eclipse (called the “blood Moon” by some) is the first of the pair. This total eclipse is visible in Asia, Australia, the Pacific, North America, and South America.  In Vedic astrology or Jyotish, the lunar eclipse is happening in Pisces.

The full Moon and south node Ketu will be in Pisces in the nakshatra or constellation of Revati.  The Sun will be with a debilitated and combust Venus, and north node Rahu in Virgo. The deity of Revati is Pushan, the nurturer. He is responsible for safe travels across large bodies of water.

People with a Pisces rising or with Moon or a node in Uttara Bhadrapada or Revati nakshtaras may most feel the impact of the October 8, 2014 lunar eclipse.

According to NASA, for San Francisco, CA, the October 8, 2014 lunar eclipse will take place from 12:16 AM to 5:34 AM local Pacific time.  Typically, Vedic astrology advises that eclipses are time for inwardly directly activity and not for gazing at the Sun or Moon. It is also best if you stay inside and keep your blinds closed and not expose yourself or any food to the Moon’s rays.  New undertakings should not happen typically three days before or after an eclipse or when the Moon is in Revati for 6 months.

The mythology related to the nodes, Rahu & Ketu, can help explain this reasoning.  What follows is a simplified version of the tale. The nodes were initially embodied in demonic form.  The demons were very desirous of immortality.  The Gods planned to collectively imbibe amrita, the nectar of immortality.  A particular demon especially wanted to join this private party. So he donned a disguise and gained admittance.  As the amrita was passed around, the demon tasted it, but then was immediately discovered. Lord Vishnu threw his discus and chopped the demon into two. The head, Rahu, has tasted the nectar of immortality, is forever questing for that elixir, and is never satiated. The tail, Ketu, is  wandering with his head cut off.

Thus, the nodes are correlated with illusion and disguise. Since they are “nodes”, they are invisible.  Rahu and Ketu have to do with unending questing, desire, ambition, and a hunger for whatever it feels it still needs to attain. There is the connotation of desiring to partake in a situation and with a group where it does not belong.  The nodes have the capacity to grab a hold of our mind and make it engage in relentless pursuits, to make the mind feel that it has so much more to achieve, to seek another source of stimulation, or to unearth a greater challenge. The mind can become unfocused due to the grasping nature of the nodes. This is particularly true during eclipses.

Venus is also a planet of desires and its combustion, debilitation and proximity to Rahucreates a greater craving for worldly pleasures. The eclipse will further amplify the “wanting” of an object or an experience. This is somewhat modified by Venus and Mercury retrogradeexchanging houses during the eclipse.

Even though exalted Jupiter is influencing its own house of Pisces, this does not negate the effects of the eclipse. An exalted Saturn continues to gaze at Jupiter and prevent it from fully delivering its potential.

I spoke with Vedamurti Shri Vivek Shastri Godbole regarding these eclipses. He is a 15th generation Brahmin who has imbibed the Vedic scriptures.  What follows is his discussion regarding the October 8, 2014 lunar eclipse.

The eclipses affect our mind and and our physical body.  The scriptures say eclipses create financial or physical problems and sometimes new diseases.  There can also be natural disasters around the time of an eclipse. This is why people should not look at the eclipse. But, with our our advanced technology and astronomy, people don’t listen to this advice.

People should bathe before and after an eclipse. It is best for adults not to eat 12 hours before an eclipse and not to drink anything for 3 to 3.5 hours before a lunar eclipse. That way, during the eclipse they can focus on their mantra. If you have no mantra, just chant OM. For pregnant women, children, the elderly, and those with medical issues, it is ok to use the bathroom during the eclipse, but we advise that if adults do not eat or drink, then they will not have to the bathroom often.



The lunar eclipse is connoted with Lord Shiva, since he wears a crescent Moon on his forehead. It is good to chant a Shiva mantra during a lunar eclipse. You can chant Hreem Namah Shivaya, Shreem Namah Shivaya,  Aim Namah Shivaya, or another Shiva mantra you know. Other chants which are powerful to perform during a lunar eclipse are the  Chandi path (Durga Sapta Shlokhi), Shri Rudram,  the Purusha Suktam, or the Guru Gita. Another mantra you may chant is Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya.  As you chant during the eclipse, the mantra becomes siddha or perfected.  Chant for at least 15 to 30 minutes during the eclipse.

Even the eclipse is not visible in your area, it still has an effect on what house Pisces signifies in your Vedic astrology chart or what you have in Revati nakshatra.

Pregnant women need to be most cautious about looking at eclipses. The eclipse’s rays affects the unborn child. In worst cases, it can be born blind, or with its legs or arms crooked. or sometimes with lifelong problems related to the stomach or asthma. Pregnant ladies should not sleep during the eclipse. They should rest in an easy chair and repeat God’s name.

Rahu is more effected by the lunar eclipse as Rahu swallows the Moon in the mythology. Venus is a female planet and it is combust and debilitated. It likes cosmetics, ornaments, and fine clothing.  This eclipse can adversely effect artists, movie stars, those in the beauty or fashion industries, or sports professionals.

Sometimes people can get tax trouble as a result of the eclipse. Some people are hiding their money. If so, they should especially pray during the eclipse and later donate to charity.  All those impacted by the eclipse should set a sankalpa or an intention during the eclipse to donate to a local charity.  Since this eclipse is in Revati nakshatra, they should donate food or water to those in need. Sometime after the eclipse, they can go and physically make the donation.

Because of the eclipse in the water sign of Pisces in the fixed star of Revati, there may be physical problems with food or water.  People in India can put tulsi leaves or durva grass on their food, especially milk, butter, or preserved food. You can also touch your food and say a mantra before you eat.

To find the local times of eclipses in your region, check the NASA lunar eclipse explorer.  Shri Vivekji will have more to say about the October 23 partial solar eclipse in an upcoming blog. If you  are impacted by the October 8, 2014 lunar eclipse and would like him to perform a puja for you in India at Shri Krishna Yajurveda Pathashala, you may email him at sohamvg@gmail.com.  If you do not know how you will be impacted by the eclipse, an astrology reading may shed some light into that area.