An Interfaith Prayer To The Divine Mother

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Om Shree Divine Mother Om
Who appears as our Dear, Dear Mother Earth, our Sacred Terra and Beloved Gaia.
Who appears as our wondrous and awesome, glorious and gracious Mother Nature.
Who appears as our beautiful, blessed and benevolent Earth Goddess.
Thank You, Dear Mother Earth, for all of Your grace and blessings.

Om Shree Divine Mother Om
Who appears as our doting Earth Mother.
Who is forever nurturing and nourishing,
sustaining and supportive, generous and giving, mothering and magnanimous.
Who is forever kind and compassionate, patient and tolerant, forgiving and forbearing,
loving and devoted, caring and protective, auspicious and beneficent.
Who is forever instructive and edifying, uplifting and illuminating, inspiring and enlightening.
Who is the foundation of our spiritual path, as well as our earthly existence. And who is always the perfect suffering servant showing us the true ways of selfless service and self sacrifice.
Thank You, Dear Divine Mother, from the bottom of our Hearts, for all of Your grace and blessings, especially for the constant shower of blessings of which we are unaware.
May we only seek to give back to Your Creation many times what we have so graciously received.

Om Unchimaka, Om Nakawe, Om Eithinoha
Om Parvati, Om Durga, Om Uma
Om Sita, Om Radha, Om Indrani
Om Ganga, Om Yamuna, Om Saraswati
Om Kundalini, Om Vajreshwari, Om Nileshwari
Om Ishtar, Om Inanna, Om Astarte
Om Isis, Om Ma’at, Om Hatshepsut
Om Hathor, Om Sekhmet, Om Nut
Om Shekinah, Om Asherah, Om Anat
Om Tara, Om Kuan Yin, Om Amaterasu
Om Demeter, Om Athena, Om Aphrodite
Om Lilith, Om Hecate, Om Kalika
Om Sophia, Om Khokhmah, Om Sapientia
Om Mother Mary, Om Mary Magdalene, Om Black Madonna
Om Mahakali, Om Mahalakshmi, Om Mahasaraswati
Om Mahadevi, Om Mahamaya, Om Mahashakti

Kali Durge Namo Namah

ॐ Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om ॐ

The Inspiration of this Prayer was
given to Ishana by The Divine Mother