All Whole House Dechlorination Systems Are Not Created Equal

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VITASALUS Outshines All The Other Whole House Systems On The Market

Robert Harrington
Natural Society

This review of Whole House Dechlorination Systems is especially written for the many holistic healthcare practitioners and medical professionals who appreciate the necessity for clean water in the healing process. A good number of the many alternative healing modalities that are often recommended today require copious amounts of water. Not only is fresh and pure water taken internally, it is also used externally for detoxification baths, aquatic therapy, and daily cleansing showers.

Because so many municipal water supplies have become increasingly polluted, whole house dechlorination systems have become a virtual necessity for optimal health. Water supplies, both urban and rural, are now contaminated with an assortment of chemical toxins and known poisons, pharmaceutical drugs and pathogenic micro-organisms, antibiotics and bovine growth hormones, pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides. Each of these unwanted components ought to be removed before the water flows from any tap in the home.

Currently, there are a variety of water purification, filtration, and treatment technologies which enable the homeowner to bring their incoming water supply up to an acceptable standard. Regardless of which technologies and/or devices are chosen, no residence should be without a whole house dechlorination system. Only this type of system will ensure that ALL water will attain a minimum level of quality for drinking, cooking and bathing.

Whole House Dechlorination Systems Utilize Carbon Media to Remove Chlorine

The primary way to guarantee that all incoming water is properly treated is to install a whole house dechlorination system (WHDS) in the garage. For small business owners, the appropriate space in your office building, shop, or store is recommended. Once the incoming water supply has been treated in this manner even the water from the garden hose is dechlorinated so that organic gardens can be certified accordingly.

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Virtually every WHDS on the market utilizes carbon media in order to remove the chlorine which is systematically introduced into the water supply by the city water quality division. While chlorine does effectively kill an assortment of harmful biological agents and pathogenic microbes, it also has it own set of problems. In fact, drinking and bathing with chlorinated water over the course of one’s lifetime can contribute to a whole host of health issues and medical conditions.

As an example, most are unaware that repeated exposure to chlorine greatly increases the likelihood of depression. Research studies have shown that a lifetime of exposure to chlrorinated water by drinking, cooking and bathing can contribute significantly to the incidence of depression, both physical and emotional.

The Best Whole House Dechlorination Systems Utilize Coconut Shells As The Carbon Source

As we said in the beginning all WHDS systems are not equal. Those that utilize coconut shell based carbon are superior to any other carbon source.

Why is this feature so very important?

Because the vast majority of WHDS technologies and devices currently use inferior forms of carbon which quickly deteriorate. The more rapidly those carbon media degrade the more carbon will enter your water supply coming out the tap. In this manner one undesirable constituent of your drinking water is merely replaced by another undesirable one.

The adverse effects from drinking carbon-laced water have not been well documented or researched quite purposefully. Nevertheless, depending on the level of carbon (usually charcoal particulates) that ends up leaching into your water supply form your WHDS, the consequences to human health are many and potentially severe.

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Because so many water filters employ carbon pre and post filters, as well as carbon media in the main filtration device, this leaching of carbon is rarely mentioned … by anyone in the industry. Simply put, it is the dirty little secret of the water treatment industry of which very few are aware.



There is one WHDS company in the marketplace that has thoroughly researched and vetted its carbon source. The VITASALUS WHDS [1] utilizes a superior grade of coconut shells which have been chosen because of their unusual resistance to degradation.

Every medium will of course degenerate over time, especially when its main task is to remove chlorine. However, coconut shells are well known for their unique hardness and longevity in the water dechlorination process.

The ViITASALUS WHDS unit uses “Catalytic Virgin Coconut Shell Granular Activated Carbon and PureCarbon™” which essentially means that the carbon will not leach into the filtered water coming out at the tap. Even after years of use this particular form of activated carbon maintains its structural integrity remarkably well.

Therefore, for those who already suffer from any type of chemical sensitivities or environmental illness, it is highly recommended that this aspect of your water filtration system be carefully considered.

Reference Information

VITASALUS can be contacted at (877) 284-5042 or visit their website at:

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