A Wellness Talk With Dr. Bernard Jensen

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Good Morning Doctor!

By Bernard Jensen, Ph.D.

Dr. Bernard Jensen – renowned clinical nutritionist, author, philosopher and much beloved and frequent speaker at the Annual FACT Cancer/Nutrition Convention is celebrating his 90th year! The following is excerpted from Handbook #5 of his just published six volume Master Nutrition Course – The Ultimate in Nutritional Knowlege Needed for This Nutritionally Hungry World, published by Bernard Jensen, Ph.D., 24360 Old Wagon Road, Escondido, CA 92027, $59.95 (Tel. 760-7492727; FAX 760-749-1248).

If you could spend a morning with me, doing what I do, drinking what I drink, eating what I eat, you would understand and appreciate how important it is to your health to get started right each day. What I would like you to do is to imagine that you are my personal guest here at the Ranch, and we are going to go through my morning regimen together, so you can see how important it is to your health.

The first thing to know is, we don’t get started in a rush. We give our body and mind time to wake up gracefully. I tell you, if you don’t put in the time to take care of yourself, you can’t be well. You might as well make up your mind that you’re going to spend one hour a day to take care of yourself, because nobody else can do it for you.

I want you to learn to make each morning a “good morning,” so when you say, “Good morning” to someone, you really mean it!


The very first thing we are going to do is to have a glass of water upon arising. I would show you how to add a teaspoon of chlorophyll to your water, to increase its cleansing value. The purpose of drinking the water, either plain or with chlorophyll, is to cleanse the kidneys and wash away the residue that gathers overnight in the bladder. I drink duce glasses of water, often the first one with a little chlorophyll, as I start my day.

Make sure your water is pure enough to be good for you. Many local drinking water supplies are chemically processed to remove the worst kind of bacteria and contaminants, but the chemical processing itself leaves a residue of chemicals in the water that aren’t good for people. For this reason, I use reverse osmosis water at my home [Edit. note: or use distilled water].


After drinking three glasses of water, I brush my skin

with a long-handled, vegetable bristle brush for five minutes. You’ll enjoy this “dry bath” because it makes you feel tingly and alive all over. The purpose of this blushing is to remove the dead skin scales and the residue of catarrh and other wastes eliminated through the skin. Then the skin can breathe and eliminate properly.

An average adult has from 2,000 to 3,000 square inches of skin, each square inch having 200 pores. Elimination of toxic wastes, up to two pounds a day, takes place through these pores. The problem is, the clothing we wear inhibits elimination, which makes skin brushing very important.

Your skin acts as a third kidney and is very important as one of the four elimination channels. The others are the kidneys, bowel, lungs and bronchials. I want you to realize that keeping the skin clear can have very beneficial consequences in your life.

For example, Samson, “the Saxon Giant,” a huge weight lifter and wrestler from Europe, was brought to the United states in the 1920’s by Florenz Ziegfeld. This muscular giant was featured in the Ziegfield Follies. The newspapers used to comment on how he had the soft, delicate skin of a baby. Imagine, a rough-and-tumble wrestler with skin like a baby! I was able to examine Samson’s diary and found a very interesting comment about skin brushing.

In his diary Samson told how he lost the world’s championship heavyweight weight-lifting contest one year by just a matter of ten ounces. He blamed it on the fact that he had neglected to brush his skin for three weeks before the contest. I wondered how a clean skin could have anything to do with losing a weight-lifting contest, so I decided to check it out.

I bought a skin brush and stood on brown wrapping paper while I brushed. A fine, dust-like contagion gathered on the paper. I saved these white, powdery flakes for a while until I had enought to send to a test lab, and do you know what they found? They found flakes of dead skin, as we would all expect; but they also, found dried catarrh, urea, sodium chloride, dried sebum and metabolite, acid waste. .When these substances are not removed from the skin by skin brushing, they may become backed up in the muscle structure and interfere with a person’s strength.” That was what caused Samson to lose the contest!

I’ve had patients who couldn’t perspire until they dry-brushed their skin daily with a vegetable bristle brush. Some took more time, come took less, but they all perspired. We need to perspire, because that is another form of natural elimination from the skin. We should be getting rid of up to two pounds of waste everyday from the skin, from natural perspiration and skin brushing.

I take five minutes each morning for skin brushing. Some of you may need to skin brush twice a day – morning and evening: After the skin brushing,. I do my exercises.


If you were following my,example, we would put on our sweats and get on the mini-trampoline or “bouncer” as they call it I put on a tape called “Hooked on Swing,” and begin with what I call my “circle exercises.”

Why do we exercise? To improve the circulation of the blood, to force the lymph through its network of thin walled vessels, to strengthen the heart muscles to clean our the lungs and charge the blood with oxygen: Exercise also improves the appetite, aids in digestion, helps keep the weight doWn and keeps the bowels regular? We become mentally more alert, have mime energy, and we. are able to work longer, either mentally or physically, without resting.

When I use the bouncer (the mini-trampoline) I don’t just bounce up and down I do circular movements and figure eight movements to exercise my joints and to squeeze the lymph nodes that we find along the neck, in the armpits; down the spine; along the groin, in the knees, arms and elsewhere. Exercise that moves the boney joints in a circular motion helps prevent calcium spurs as well as forcing the lymph to flow through its system of vessels and finally into the bloodstream where wastes of various kinds, are processed and eliminated through the lungs, kidneys and skin.

I use Lawrence Welk tapes to exercise with. This adds to the fun and enjoyment Then, we may start with a circular hula-like movement of the hips; going around one way for a while, then reversing and going another way. Do this.on the bouncer for about three to five minutes. Then fold your arms across the chest, lift your elbows away from your body, and with the feet spread two feet apart on the bouncer, stretch to the right, bending .the right knee and sweeping your folded arms up, around in a circle and down while stretching to the left, bending the left knee, and making a circle with the left elbow. Your arms, crossed as they are, should be making graceful figure eight movements as you sway to the left, then to the right.

Of course, there are many. good exercises that we can use, depending upon our age; weight, physical fitness and health level.

One of the best exercises for people of any age is brisk walking, which works every muscle in the, body and moves the lymph and blood better than any other exercise. (The advantage of using the bouncer is that you can use it comfortably in cold or rainy weather as well as nice weather. But when it is nice outside, you should take a walk.)

If you were a visitor in my home, We would go for a fast walk of about half an hour at 7 am, &song Old Wagon Road. I live in the low coastal mountains above Escondido, California, and my “walking road” has its wonderfully challenging ups and, downs. The `ups” literally take your breath away, providing aerobic exercise for the lungs and strengthening the heart muscle,The “downs” exercise a different set of leg muscles and give you more opportunity to enjoy the scenery.

The old men in the Htinza Valley kept their hearts and circulatory systems in the best condition by walking up and down the mountain paths to and from their terraced fields and gardens high in the Hinialayas. Many of these men lived past the age of 120, and, I believe their daily walking was part of the reason. Walkng is also one of the best eiercises in moving the lymph. Circulation of the lymph is a vital function in our natural immune system. My daily walks are an important part of my exercise regimen.

When it’s raining or uncomfortably cold, I spend extra time ,on my indoor exercises. Sometimes, depending on the time of year, I take a walk in my garden before, or after my walk on the road. My garden is a very special place to me for reasons I want to share with you


In front of my home is a hillside garden, decorated,with citrus; apple and pomegranate trees, patched with borage, comfrey and other wonderful herbs, and splashed with the colors of beautiful flowers and fruits of many kinds.

Color, itself, is a food for the mind, uplifting the soul and stimulating many of the higher brain centers with the high frequency light from the rainbow of colors in nature. There is nothing that gets my day going better than a Walk in my garden early in the morning, when the dew sparkles on the leaves and flower petals in the bright California sunshine.

I don’t hurry through my walk in the garden. I stop and look at particularly lovely flowers and take time to smell the roses. My garden gives me a feeling of peace and contentment The pine trees I planted around my house when I first bought my Ranch add extra oxygen to the fresh, country air. The scent of flowers in the cool morning air is one of the nicest things I know.

When I come back from my walk, I take my shower, and then I’m ready to eat.


If you were my guest for breakfast, we’d sit down in the living room with TV trays and my wonderful wife, Marie, would serve us each a bowl of fruit.

First of all, I have fresh fruit, more in the summer, and dried fruit (or thawed frozen fruit) in the winter. In between the seasons, going from one season to another, I’ll have one helping of revived dried fruit and one different fresh fruit each morning. When I sit down, I have two fruits, not just one.

The way Marie revives dried fruit is to bring it to a boil in water the night before, then let it cool and absorb water overnight We seldom eat dried fruit without boiling it and soaking it overnight, for two reasons. First, dried fruit contains a high concentration of fruit sugar, and it’s best to reduce this concentration by soaking. Second, Marie and I found worms in dried figs we’d taken on an airliner to snack on one time. That was enough Boiling the dried fruit kills any insect eggs.

We use mangoes, papayas, guavas, apricots, peaches, raspberries, mulberries, kiwis, strawberries, bananas and others. During the summer, we usually dry apricots and freeze strawberries, raspberries and mulberries. Most of these are grown right on my Ranch.

After we’ve enjoyed our fruit, well have a protein food usually almond milk or fresh goat milk, or sometimes half goat milk and half carrot juice. Then we’ll have an egg. I recommend the yolk only, from a three-minute, soft-boiled egg. In a soft-boiled egg, the lecithin balances the cholesterol, and both are properly used by the body. The lecithin keeps the cholesterol in solution in the body.

I consider eggs the best of all the proteins.

I use the best eggs I can get [Edit. Note: organic]. The chickens that lay these eggs run free and are given greens in addition to their regular feed.

After the egg, well have a cereal. One day it may be millet, another day com meal. I have them cooked slowly, sometimes soaking overnight in water brought to a boil then turned off. Whole oats, rye, buckwheat and brown rice are all good whole-grain cereals.

I don’t use wheat because it has been overused in the average American diet, as has milk. Studies have shown that the average diet in this country is 29% wheat products, 25% milk products and 9% sugar. That’s too much. One of my overweight patients lost 40 pounds just by cutting out wheat and milk from her diet She didn’t go to a low calorie diet to loose weight, but ate as much as she wanted of everything but wheat and milk products. I don’t say that everyone who cuts out milk and wheat will have the same results, but most of you would benefit from leaving them out.

Now, you can put a little honey or maple syrup on your whole-grain cereal to make it taste better. Or, you can cook raisins or even mix fresh fruit into the cereal. Some persons like to use a little date sugar.

In general, I make sure I use everything needed to feed my body properly.


I recommend a good multi-vitamin and a good multi-mineral tablet or capsule. I think everyone should be using a little Nova Scotia dulse to provide the iodine needed by the thyroid, the manganese needed by the brain and other trace elements needed to make the body and brain work right. Dulse picks up trace elements from the cold sea water it grows in and makes those trace elements in food form available to our bodies. I bum up a lot of energy in my work, so I use adrenal substance as a supplement. I take colostrum tablets to strengthen and support my immune system.

While I think everyone should be using a good multivitamin and multi-mineral supplement, everyone is different and has a different nutritional background, a different constitution and a different lifestyle. Since the factors that have shaped your life and health differ from mine, you should not copy my supplement intake. The supplements you need will be different.


When I tell doctors in my classes that most of my patients lack sodium, they look at me like I’m crazy. But ifs true. Of course. I’m talking about food sodium and they are thinking of chemical sodium such as in table salt and sodium bicarbonate. I agree with most health authorities that people use far too much table salt on their food. But food sodium, in my view, is not the same in assimilation or effect on the body as chemical sodium, usually in chloride or bicarbonate form. Usually mineral supplements do not have sodium of any kind in them.

Food sodium is needed in the digestive tract and in the joints more than anywhere else. However, every nerve, gland and tissue in the body needs sodium (as well as potassium, which is usually in plentiful supply). Sodium helps transport food molecules across cell membranes and helps conduct nerve messages. But, sodium deficiency first shows up through digestive troubles and joint problems.

Food sodium is found in green leafy vegetables, okra, celery and strawberries more than in most other foods. Whey, especially a dried goat whey from Mt. Capra Cheese Co. in Chehalis, WA, called Mt. Capra Mineral Whey, is very high in bio-organic sodium, and this works very well as a daily sodium supplement. One or two tablespoons in a cup of hot water is usually sufficient. The other three minerals needed are silicon, iodine and calcium.

You can get the iodine from the Nova Scotia dulse, which I discussed earlier, but iodine is also available in all seafood and in food crops grown near the ocean. Iodine is needed by the thyroid gland.

The best source of silicon I’ve found is rice bran syrup, available in many health food stores. It’s almost like a thick, syrupy molasses, and the taste is nice. You can take it straight from a tablespoon or add it to a glass of warm goat’s milk or herbal tea. Other good sources of silicon are sprouts, young vegetables, sun-ripened fruit, whole grains, raw seeds and legumes.

Calcium is best taken in foods, where the amount of magnesium and phosphorous is enough to help it to be utilized properly in the body, especially in the bones and teeth. Leafy green vegetables are a good source of calcium, except for chard, spinach, beet which is high in oxalic acid. This acid prevents assimilation of calcium through the bowel wall. Raw nuts and seeds are a good source of calcium, containing enough phosphorus and magnesium to glow very good utilization by the bones, teeth and other tissues that need calcium. One ounce of ground almonds, for example, contains 120 mg. of calcium, 259 mg of phosphorus and 128 mg. of magnesium. In fact, nuts and seeds are nutritionally superior to milk because they contain much more iron.

I’m going to give you my recipes fruit nut and seed butters, which can be added to soups, made into salad dressings, spread on rye crackers or rice cakes or eaten plain The way I make nut and seed butters is by limning the nuts or seeds through my Champion Juicer. If the resulting butter is too thick or dry, a little cold-pressed sesame seed oil can be stirred in to improve the texture.

You can also make seed and nut milk drinks. Here are a few of my recipes.

Sesame Seed Milk
1/4 cup hulled sesame seeds
2 cups water or raw goat milk

Add sesame seeds to the liquid and soak overnight Add both to a multi-speed blender. Run on high for 3 minutes. For added flavor, put in a tablespoon of carob powder and 6-to-8 dates. You can also add a banana, raisins or other fruit to increase nutritional value.

Almond Nut Milk
Soak nuts overnight in apple or pineapple juice. Add 6 oz nuts to 10 oz. water or goat milk. Blend for 3 minutes on high. Flavor as in preceding recipe. Add more liquid if drink is too thick.

Pumpkin Seed or Sunflower Seed Milk 1/4 cup seeds
2 cups water or goat milk

Soak overnight, blend on high for 3 minutes, flavor with fruits or juices.

Almost any edible nuts or seeds can be made into butter or milk-substitute drinks, with a nice amount of calcium and easily-digestible protein as well. I don’t want to say you should never drink milk, but I encourage you to get out of the milk habit. Use raw goat’s milk instead of cow’s milk if you can get it Goat’s milk is more easily digested than cow’s milk because the fat particles are much smaller.


Sometimes I start work at 9 am, sometimes I prefer 10 am. It depends on how much I have to do and how soon it has to be done. But, once I start work, I really get going. I put my heart into my work because I believe in it very Much, and if you don’t have the kind of job you can believe in, you’d better start looking for it

Now, isn’t this a great way to start the morning? You can do this on your own, can’t you? All it takes is a little self discipline.