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These 25 Tips Will Help You Live MUCH, MUCH longer


Having a long life doesn’t always go hand in hand with a happy one, as many people fear that their final years will be difficult and unpleasant. The truth of the matter is that there is nothing holding you back from living a long, as well as a happy life. In fact, there are numerous studies, tips, advice, and people with undeniable experiences who can help you get to that goal. You don’t have to take all of these at face value, but adopting a few of these suggestions can result in an improved lifestyle that’ll allow you to live longer and be happier.

Keep reading and you’ll find some of the simplest and most enjoyable ways to live to be over 100 years young.

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Playful Baby Miniature Horse Delights And Enthralls

This Adorable Baby Mini Horse Will Chase You All Over The Farm

by America’s Funniest Home Videos

This Adorable Baby Mini Horse Will Chase You All Over The Farm

Being chased by a playful baby mini horse sounds like a dream you’d never want to wake from, but this man actually got to experience it in real life! Baby animals are so cute and cuddly, but baby horses the size of puppies… that’s its own level of adorable and we just can’t handle it!

This baby miniature horse would love to play tag all day long!

We wish we were part of that play date! There’s something about the game of chase that’s just so much fun. We hope this dog can eventually reach his goal and chase down his illusive ball!