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All Whole House Dechlorination Systems Are Not Created Equal

VITASALUS Outshines All The Other Whole House Systems On The Market

Robert Harrington
Natural Society

This review of Whole House Dechlorination Systems is especially written for the many holistic healthcare practitioners and medical professionals who appreciate the necessity for clean water in the healing process. A good number of the many alternative healing modalities that are often recommended today require copious amounts of water. Not only is fresh and pure water taken internally, it is also used externally for detoxification baths, aquatic therapy, and daily cleansing showers.

Because so many municipal water supplies have become increasingly polluted, whole house dechlorination systems have become a virtual necessity for optimal health. Water supplies, both urban and rural, are now contaminated with an assortment of chemical toxins and known poisons, pharmaceutical drugs and pathogenic micro-organisms, antibiotics and bovine growth hormones, pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides. Each of these unwanted components ought to be removed before the water flows from any tap in the home. Continue reading