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* * * What is the Truth of Life? * * *

Some Short And Simple Answers
To Questions Concerning:
The Truth Of Life:

Where do we come from?
Where we are going?
Why we are here?

First we must properly understand the true context into which every human being is born.

Where do we come from?

All of Creation — the entire manifest universe — was created approximately 13.75 billion years ago.
Planet Earth is about 4.5 billions years old.
The duration of the present universe will last just over 34 & 1/2 billions years[1].

The cosmos was created out of a void of pure, undifferentiated consciousness  — Cosmic Consciousness[2], which is all that exists in the VOID between the cyclic cosmic creations.
It is this Cosmic Consciousness which generated the primordial throb — known as the great Spanda — that eventually evolved into the current universe. This Spanda initially took the form of the primordial sound of creation known universally as the sacred sound OM.

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