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Turmeric: The Physical Essence of the Divine Mother

Throughout India there is a very sacred ritual called Arati wherever the Hindu tradition is practiced. A puja tray is waved in front of one’s chosen deity or ishta devata with great love and reverence. On the puja tray can be found a lit candle, some beautiful flowers and the three sacred and symbolic substances.

Turmeric has a rich, mustard-like yellow color.

In addition to rice and vermillion, Turmeric is one of the three most sacred offerings that can be made in the process of worshipping the Divine. This is because Turmeric is known and highly respected as being the actual physical essence of the Divine Mother.

It is true that every plant under the sun has it’s own presiding spirit or deity. In the healing system of Plant Spirit Medicine any of these spirits can be ritually propitiated or invoked in order mitigate a specific physical disease, mental health condition or emotional imbalance which might be associated with a specific plant. By so honoring that plant according to certain forms of ritual worship and techniques, the malady can be ameliorated to the point of complete healing.   Continue reading