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Overcoming Addictions Can Be A Stairway To Heaven

Sugar … as Sweetness … as the Lord

Note from the coach: This may be one of the most important holistic health coaching sessions you’ll ever have.

What is it, really, that we all seek in life? Ultimately, isn’t it happiness, joy, bliss … unending.

When we experience moments or events which bring us this happiness, how do we describe them?

Better yet, how do we describe those who are responsible for the joy that is brought into our lives?

Don’t we spontaneously call them, “Honey” or “Sugar” or “Sweetie Pie“?  Continue reading

The Best Body Cream In Creation: Cow Cream

This little piece is for the ultra-sensitive, thin-skinned, sun-damaged bodies among us who have bought every product on the market, tried every homemade lotion and engaged every lifestyle possible to repair and heal their dry, red or wrinkling skin.

We’re not saying it’s a panacea by any means; just a good ole fashioned tip … from The Health Coach.

Before we commence, we owe a debt of gratitude to Cleopatra. Cleopatra VII Philopator of Egypt, that is. You remember, she lived from late 69 BC until August 12, 30 BC and was the last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt and had a child with Julius Caesar.

There is much written about her and especially her extraordinary healing abilities and command of health knowledge. In such high regard was she held that her people considered her a reincarnation of ISIS, perhaps the greatest deity of healing across all traditions over several millennia.   Continue reading

Three Essential Morning Practices — EVERYDAY!

All of us here at Radiant Living perform the following daily practices each and every day.

Some may already do one or two of these, and others may never do them; but be aware that by incorporating them into your morning routine you will feel better and enjoy a heightened wellness. Your constitutional health, particularly, will benefit from these three simple detox practices.

I. Scrape your tongue with a tongue scraper

II. Drink 1/2 to 1 cup of warm water after brushing your teeth

III. Wash your feet, if you don’t take a morning shower

Although they may sound too simple or odd, these three regular habits are essential toward maintaining good health.   Continue reading

Honey: A Must Read For Those Who Eat It Regularly

Truly, honey is a superfood, a nectarian delight and an effective healing agent all in one. It is packed with vitamins and minerals, enzymes and antioxidants, lots of carbohydrates in the form of sugars and even some amino acids. So sweet is it that, taken together, its unique combination of fructose and glucose makes it sweeter than table sugar.

When you have a moment, hold up a clear jar of honey up in the sunlight and see the golden nectar for what it is. Its amber color reflects much of the sun’s energy which was utilized in its process of creation.

In Ayurveda honey is considered one of the most effective natural delivery systems for the therapeutic administration of herbal preparations and other remedies.

As in all healing systems throughout the world, there is much subtlety and nuance associated with every healing agent “under the sun”. By that we mean that a single food or herb or spice has different healing qualities associated with it depending on it’s source, its specific type, ripeness, exact time of being picked or harvested, what kind of ground it is grown in, among several other determinants.   Continue reading

Walking: The Best Way To Cleanse The Lymphatic System

Of all the exercises and massages, detoxification therapies and alternative modalities, New Age techniques and Integrative protocols, there is none so effective at thoroughly cleansing the lymphatic system as a vigorous 20 to 30 minute walk … in nature.

There are some very important qualifications for those who intend to do it right.

First of all, we ought to acknowledge the Creator for designing the human body so that it can be so easily cleansed simply by walking. What a great idea! Cleanse as you walk…any time, any where, as long as you can get off the couch.

The secret behind the cleansing process lies in the pump, or rather the lack thereof.  Continue reading